Sermon Notes Binder, How to Organize Your Notes After Church

By Holly Sosa

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If you’re a regular church-goer, you’ve probably got a drawer full of sermon notes somewhere in your house. For years, my sermon notes were well-meaningly held on to and then eventually tossed because they had no specific place to reside. It actually pained me to toss them and looking back, I wish I would have held on to them a little longer because I created a solution for wrangling them all together in a convenient Sermon Notes Binder I pieced together for under $10.

sermon notes binder009

Target lovers, prepare yourselves because I’m about to give you every excuse to raid the Dollar Spot right now. Currently at the Dollar Spot, you can find small binders (A5 size for the stationery lovers who know what that means) that fit a half sheet of paper perfectly. Sermon notes are typically a folded piece of paper, which fits nicely inside these binders. You will also find dividers, loose leaf paper, and various other accessories that fit inside these planners. I went a little crazy.

Target had this handy sticky notes insert that fits into the binder.

sermon notes binder001

I created dividers for each month of the year and added in some looseleaf paper for notes and independent Bible study after the sermon.

sermon notes binder002

To insert my sermon notes each week, I use a single hole punch and punch three holes in the side to fit the rings in the binder.

sermon notes binder004

sermon notes binder003

I also use this binder for our weekly community group meetings and notes so it’s all in one handy place for reference when I’m doing personal Bible study.

sermon notes binder006

sermon notes binder007

I also added a folder and sheet protectors for additional resources and for our upcoming sermons list.

sermon notes binder010

sermon notes binder011

sermon notes binder012

Instead of stashing my weekly sermon notes away in a drawer or on my office desk, this binder has been a great tool in ensuring I reflect on the week’s sermons during my personal quiet time each day. While I used the binders from the Target Dollar spot, there are A5 sized binders available at most office supply stores as well that would also work for making a Sermon Notes Binder like mine. In fact, my husband loved my binder so much he went out and bought a black A5 binder for himself to recreate his own place to keep his sermon notes, ha!

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