My Favorite Back to School Supplies

By Holly Sosa This post contains affiliate links. As a self-confessed stationery and planner addict, back to school season is one of my favorite things ever! Everywhere I look are displays of pens, notebooks, paper, and pencils and even better, almost everything is on sale! As an avid hunter for »»Read Full Post

The gods Decided To Descend

By M.Winter Wear the best dress Make sure it is well pressed Everything should go as planned Should there be a hitch, …Continue reading → Source:: Traversing Lines »»Read Full Post

Bedouine Breaks Through with Debut Release

By pcsanchez7505 Azniz Korkejian performing in HollywoodIt's hard to believe Azniv Korkejian's latest release is also her first. The young artist uses her debut album to pack in a breathtaking amount of perspective and wide-eyed wonderment. Love, wanderlust and solitude dominate this retrofitted folk album, and after hearing Korkejian's debut »»Read Full Post