Back To Back Traffic: Fast Forward To Monday

By M.Winter Weekend flew by too fast. Hope you all had a good one despite Friday being a disaster! Nails brought by …Continue reading → Source:: Traversing Lines »»Read Full Post

Upcycled Bird Feeder

By Holly Sosa My kiddos love to watch the little critters we have here in our little rural desert home. Living in a small town that's surrounded by desert, they've experienced a variety of animals. One of our favorite things to do is to feed the birds since we get »»Read Full Post

Starting the Conversation One Song at a Time

By pcsanchez7505 Photo Courtesy of Olden Yolk/Pitch Perfect I often say music is a powerful tool. It's a catalyst to change and promotes healing, empowerment, happiness and so much more. It helps us cope with daily struggles and cherish beautiful moments. The power music carries is often on an intangible »»Read Full Post