World Vision Gift Guide

By Holly Sosa World Vision has always been a cause close to my heart. Two years ago, I decided to sponsor a child through the program. Partly to fulfill a calling the Lord had placed in my heart and partly to help heal my grief. The boy we sponsor has »»Read Full Post

We’ve Got A Bleeder!

By M.Winter “We've got a bleeder!” shouted the medic. “Hand me that, will ya?” pointing to his kit. And he got handed …Continue reading → Source:: Traversing Lines »»Read Full Post

Five Songs for Your Post-Election Blues

By pcsanchez7505 I'm not a very political person. I never have been, and doubt I ever will be. I do pay attention (for the most part) during important elections, and I've even volunteered at polling places before. I've only been old enough to vote in two elections, and I've cast »»Read Full Post