DIY Kiss Art, a Creative Gift for Your Husband!

By Holly Sosa

diy kiss art3

Is it just me, or are husbands really hard to shop for? This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to give my husband something special and creative; outside of the usual candy and a card that I typically do. He enjoys how I look when I wear lipstick, so I thought I would try to create something around that. Inspired by a few of my favorite shades, I created this fun DIY Kiss Art that makes a personal gift I know he’ll love.


  • cardstock paper
  • a matted frame with black trim
  • lipstick
  • yourself!

To start, I grabbed a piece of white cardstock paper and prepped four shades of lipstick.

diy kiss art1

Next, I slid on the lightest shade and kissed the paper several times.

I cleaned off my lips with makeup removing wipes and repeated with the next few shades.

Once I was done kissing the paper, (we became quite close, that piece of paper and me, ha!), I let it dry for a few minutes.

diy kiss art2

Next I inserted it into my frame and secured it shut.

diy kiss art4

And that was all it took!

This DIY Kiss Art resulted in a personal gift that my husband will love. And if you don’t have a spouse, can we talk for a moment about how fabulous this would look on a makeup vanity or on display in your bedroom? YAS, girl!

diy kiss art5

diy kiss art6

diy kiss art7

diy kiss art8

This type of artwork works best in a matted frame to really show off those luscious lips. And I recommend using a black trim to help make the reds and pinks pop. Display it on a nightstand, in your shared bathroom, or hang it on the wall above your bed for a flirty piece of art created by yourself!

For Valentine’s Day inspiration, including additional crafts, recipes, style, and more, visit the Our Holly Days page on Facebook and give it a like. I post frequently throughout the day to maximize inspiration and fun!

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