3 Lego Games to Play with Your Kids

By Holly Sosa

This post is sponsored by LEGOLAND California.

LEGO is a classic. I remember playing and building with the brightly colored bricks as a little girl and now my own children play with the classic toy. One thing I love about LEGO is that it’s one toy that all of my kids enjoy together. Age gaps don’t exists and everyone works together to create and imagine. One of the ways my kids play together is by creating fun LEGO games where they compete and use their LEGO skills to build and win!

One brick towers

This is a simple game, but it’s so much fun. To goal is to build the tallest tower using only one brick at a time. If your tower falls, you’re out. Tallest doesn’t always equal strongest, so playing with different placements of each brick is essential in this game. The last person who has a standing tower is the winner!

One color builds

Everyone gets just one color for their build and the goal is to build something using just that color. Everyone votes on whose they like best (no one can vote for themselves!) and the person with the most votes wins! For smaller kids, just the actual building is plenty fun, but I know my older kiddos are super competitive and play to win, ha!

20 brick builds

Each player gets exactly twenty bricks to build something. In one version, players take turns choosing a brick from the pile until everyone has twenty. In a harder version, players blindly choose twenty bricks. Set a timer and get those creative juices flowing.

LEGO is so versatile and great for any personality. Type a people (read: me!) can follow the directions exactly and walk through building something step by step. But creatives who don’t want or need a mold can feel free to play and create using their imaginations. As the mother to children of both personality types, I love that LEGO encourages play for all of my kids. These fun LEGO games inspire play and create a fun family activity that are exciting no matter your age or personality type, ha!

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