5 of the Best Places to Shop for Kids Clothing

By Holly Sosa

In our blended family of five, we spend a good chunk of our budget on keeping our kiddos clothed. We have to stretch our dollar as far as we can (we love hand me downs!), so I do my fair share of searching before choosing pieces for my kids. Simply buying the cheapest is often not the solution since those pieces typically fall apart the fastest and end up costing me more in the end. However I have discovered several stores that are affordable and also withstand the wear and tear my kiddos put on them. I like to mix more durable and pricy pieces with the more affordable items to get the most mileage out of their wardrobes. Having five kiddos has given me plenty of opportunity to do the research, so I’m sharing the best places to shop for kids clothing based on my experiences with my kiddos.


Meow top // Tiger sweatshirt // Girl club top

H&M always has fun and trendy options for my littles. They’re crazy affordable and usually offer free shipping when you spend over $40. My kiddos use their clothing for playtime and running around since I’m not going to be bummed out if anything gets ruined.

Mini Boden

Animal overall dress // Stripy jersey dress // Printed cord pinafore

Mini Boden has quickly become one of my favorite brands for children’s clothing. Their whimsical designs are adorably charming and the clothing is built to withstand real play and use. While they’re a little more pricey, it’s reflected in the clothing and how it’s made. I usually add in a few staple pieces into each of my kids wardrobes during back to school season. I’m never disappointed; our Mini Boden pieces are always in like new condition after a long school year and some of the best pieces to pass on to siblings and cousins.

Osh Kosh

Monster truck top // Space top // Hooded jersey pullover

Osh Kosh is one of my diamonds in the rough. It seems like I always forgot to check them out, but when I do I can get several pieces affordably. I love to hit up their sales during back to school season and other holidays. I also have a rewards membership with them which always earns me credit towards stuff once my kiddos grow out of what they have. This is one of my favorite places to stock up on jammies too (they always have those fun skeleton jammies around Halloween).

Crazy 8

Button up geo shirt // Dare to be gr8 top // Stay true blue top

I didn’t discover Crazy 8 until a few years ago when I stumbled upon a store in my local shopping mall. This place is crazy cool. Their designs are always fun and implement trends with familiar designs for kids. They’re really affordable and a great place to pick up clothes that reflect my kiddos personalities.

Thrift stores

Thrift stores are one of my favorite places to shop for my kiddos clothing. I can always find special and unique items when I take my time to look through the racks. They’re also a great place to get winter jackets that are practically new. I get extra excited when I find handmade dresses and items that are one of a kind. It takes some time to sift through the junk, but it’s worth it!

Keeping these stores in my bookmarks saves me time and money, plus my kids look cute and put together. They’re pretty much in my parenting handbook filed under the chapter How to Dress Your Kids Without Going Bankrupt at this point, ha!

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