Easy TMNT Cookies

By Holly Sosa

easy tmnt cookies007

Mikey, Leo, Raph, and Donny make regular appearances during play time. Our Ninja Turtle friends need only a colored bandana and paper towel roll nunchucks to come to life before they’re off battling Shredder. With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III now available on Netflix, I thought it was a perfect time to get creative with our viewing party treat. Inspired by our mutant friends, I created these fun Easy TMNT Cookies using store bought items that I assembled together for a treat fit for a ninja…..a turtle ninja, at the very least.

To start, I grabbed some store bought frosting and mixed in some food coloring.

easy tmnt cookies001

Red, orange, blue, and purple to represent each turtle, of course!

easy tmnt cookies002

Next, I took a store bought sugar cookie and used a butter knife to spread a generous portion of frosting over it.

easy tmnt cookies003

easy tmnt cookies004

Then I topped it with another sugar cookie.

easy tmnt cookies005

And then added two eyes in the frosting. Oh, hey there Mikey!

easy tmnt cookies006

I repeated the steps until I filled plenty of cookies, but at least one in each character’s color.

easy tmnt cookies009

easy tmnt cookies008


Is that even how you spell it? In my day, the Ninja Turtles simply said cowabunga!

These Easy TMNT Cookies are a fun way to enjoy viewing your favorite Ninja Turtles on Netflix or if your kiddos are especially huge fans, these would be awesome additions to a TMNT themed birthday party.

Be sure to follow the Netflix Facebook page for all the latest news, releases, and to keep up with your favorite Netflix Originals.

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