Frozen Chocolate Covered Smores Bananas

By Holly Sosa

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This post is sponsored by Smart & Final. Thank you to Smart & Final for partnering with me. And thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog and my family.

One of my favorite ways to treat myself without completely overindulging is with frozen chocolate covered banana slices. They’re perfectly sweet, satisfy your chocolate craving, and are a better-for-you option than a bowl of ice cream. Summer is my favorite time of the year to enjoy these frozen treats and with warmer weather, I’m prepping my freezer after a Smart & Final shopping haul with a big batch of these Frozen Chocolate Covered Smores Bananas, combining my favorite better-for-you treat with my favorite summer campfire dessert.

To start, you’ll slice up some bananas and then pop them into the freezer for about fifteen minutes.

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While the bananas are getting cold, crush up some graham crackers. It’s a great way to get some aggression out. If you’re into that kind of thing. And sister, sometimes a mama just needs to get out some aggression.

frozen chocolate covered smores bananas4

Next pour some chocolate into a glass bowl and place it over a saucepan filled with water.

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Put it on high heat to get the water boiling underneath the bowl and stir the chocolate constantly to ensure it doesn’t burn. Remove it from the heat and carefully place it over a potholder.

frozen chocolate covered smores bananas5

Pull out the bananas from the freezer and using a fork, dip them into the chocolate, flip them over, and then remove them onto a sheet of parchment paper to cool. Repeat with all of your banana slices.

frozen chocolate covered smores bananas6

Before the chocolate hardens, sprinkle some of the crushed graham crackers over the top. And place the bananas back into the freezer to harden for six hours or until completely frozen through.

Remove from the parchment paper and store in a zip baggie in your freezer for up to three months, the perfect length of time to last all summer long!

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These little bites of joy are fun to experiment with too. Add a small dollop of peanut butter to the banana slices before covering them in chocolate, sprinkle coconut or sprinkles over them instead of graham crackers, or even add some macadamia nuts!

I found all of my ingredients to create these Frozen Chocolate Covered Smores Bananas at my local Smart & Final. Their produce is unparalleled in quality and freshness. It’s my favorite place to purchase all my family’s fresh fruits and veggies because they offer locally resourced and organically grown produce. Plus, their First Street products are affordable and come in bulk and normal sizes to fit my family’s needs.

When summer starts, Smart & Final will be opening more than twenty new stores and their Smart & Final Extra! stores will offer approximately 4500 more basic grocery items in smaller sizes to fit the shopping needs of a variety of homes. Since they don’t have membership fees, I love to do my bulk and normal shopping there, getting it all done at once. It’s the perfect time to do a banana haul to create your own Frozen Chocolate Covered Smores Bananas!

To celebrate the opening of their new stores, Smart & Final is hosting a Twitter party this Wednesday, April 20th, from 8AM to 4PM, where they’ll be giving away a $250 gift card to one lucky winner! They will be posing questions throughout the day about the Grand Openings and what makes Smart & Final great. Anyone who follows the @SmartFinal handle and tweets at least once with the #SFGrandOpeningChat tag, will be qualified and entered to win.

Frozen Chocolate Covered Smores Bananas
  • 3 large bananas, sliced
  • 1 12 ounce bag chocolate chips
  • 3 graham crackers, crushed

  1. Place sliced bananas on a lined baking sheet and freeze for 20 minutes.
  2. Melt chocolate chips over high heat in a glass bowl placed over saucepan filled with water, stirring frequently. Remove from heat once chocolate is melted completely.
  3. Remove banana slices from freezer and, using a fork, dunk them into melted chocolate, flipping over once to coat evenly.
  4. Remove to parchment lined baking sheet and repeat.
  5. Sprinkle graham crackers over banana slices before chocolate hardens.
  6. Freeze for six hours.
  7. Remove and store in zip closure baggie for up to three months.


Be sure to visit the Smart & Final website to check out a location near you. With more than 20 new stores opening across California, there’s bound to be one in your neighborhood!

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