Family Faith, Our DIY Prayer Wall

By Holly Sosa

diy prayer wall1

As Christians, my family and I pray regularly. But it wasn’t until recently that we realized our prayers needed to be deeper, more strategic, and should be happening much more often than just at meals and before bed. In an effort to inspire more frequent and daily family prayer time, we created our own DIY Prayer Wall as a family. It is my hope that having this wall to sit underneath will help each of us to meditate in prayer, reflect on what we want to say to God, and really think about how we are praying and what we are praying for. And as our prayers go up and the wall gets more filled, it is my hope to see more and more answered (and some unanswered) prayers. The blessings we’ve received and where we’ve come from as our prayers change.


  • five six foot wood planks
  • stain (color of choice)
  • ten wall hooks
  • hanging wire
  • binder clips (we are starting with 25)
  • letters (optional)

To start, sand down any rough edges or areas of the wood.

Stain it in your color of choice. We chose a darker stain since our wall color is light.

prayer wall1

Hang the planks on your wall, leaving four inches in between each plank. You can do this any number of ways. My husband created countersink holes on each side of the planks and we secured them to the wall with anchors and screws through those holes.

prayer wall2

diy pray wall1

Using a drill, create small holes for the wall hooks to be screwed into and then screw them all in.

prayer wall3

String hanging wire between each hook and add your binder clips on the wire.

diy prayer wall4

If you have letters, hang them above the planks like we did here. We were originally going to spell out prayer wall, but prayers fit the length of the planks better. I’ve also seem similar walls that read answered prayers or simply pray.

diy pray wall2

I found my letters at a local craft store and just pieced together different colors and sizes. I wanted a variety of textures to give it a farmhouse look. It’s also a perfectly imperfect way to display our prayers and I think it’s representative of how we may feel imperfect, but in God’s eyes we are perfectly loved in our mish mash and mess.

diy prayer wall3

We each had a hand in making the DIY Prayer Wall in our home. Evelyn excitedly handed him each letter as they were hung to spell out prayers. Collin helped drill the holes for the hooks that hold the wire for the prayers to be secured to, safety goggles and all. My husband and I had only three or four fights going into the making of this project which, if you’ve ever done a home improvement project with your spouse is a miracle, ha!

diy prayer wall6

diy prayer wall8

diy prayer wall2

diy prayer wall7

Our family prayer wall will be our place to go for weekly Bible readings (hopefully daily eventually!), prayer together and alone, a place to share a verse that spoke to us, photos, art, and all of the things that bring us closer to the Lord and his word. It will also be a place for our church community group to gather each week and pray for each other and fill prayer requests. I’d encourage you to think about creating your own family wall. A place you can gather to worship, praise, and come to the Lord together as a family and community.

diy prayer wall5

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