Styling my Yellow Pumps, Pinterest Style Inspiration

By Holly Sosa

yellow pumps4

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Pinterest is such a fantastic resource for style inspiration. I have a hard time piecing together outfits and what looks good together, which is why I love all the ideas I can find and save on my Pinterest account. When I recreate an outfit I find on Pinterest, there’s usually a method to my madness. I’m not just copying for the sake of copying. In fact, I’ll search an item that’s already in my closet. Ripped skinny jeans, pink floral kimono, moccasins. And I piece together my look based on what I can find in my search results.

Recently, I bought a lovely pair of yellow pumps (similar pair) to wear at my daughter’s Minnie Mouse birthday party. I paired them with a classic red polka dot skirt and black top. They worked perfectly for the event, but now that it’s over I’m left with a pair of fabulous yellow pumps that I’ve got no idea how to style. Thankfully, Pinterest has tons of amazing bloggers who have shared how they style their own yellow pumps and I was able to piece together a look copycat-like.

This look from Glam Radar was right up my alley. Heels scare me a little, I have to admit. Because I don’t want to look overly dressed and stand out. My height makes me self-conscious in public and add heels to my already 5’9″ body and I easily reach 6 feet. So when I wear pumps, I like to keep it a conservative height and casual so I don’t feel overly stand out-ish. The chambray dress feels casual to me and paired with the yellow pumps, was a fun take on it.

yellow pumps1

yellow pumps2

For my copycat version, I shopped at ASOS for this chambray dress and found it for less than $50, including shipping. I grabbed a chunky turquoise necklace out of my own collection and a neutral over the shoulder bag. The fun yellow pumps shine in this outfit without being dressy. I felt comfortable in this look and would wear it anywhere, really. But let’s be honest here, I’d mostly love to wear it to a child free mimosa brunch.

yellow pumps3

yellow pumps5

Do you use Pinterest for style inspiration? Will you after reading this? Let’s chat Pinterest and fashion in the comments below.

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