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By Holly Sosa

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There’s nothing like having your carpet stretched to remove the lumps and bumps in it. Especially when it gets your procrastinating rear in gear and gets you shuffling furniture around that you’ve been meaning to move for months. As a work from home mom, my office has had to be out in our living areas so that I could keep a close eye on our three kiddos, but now that I have two boys in kinder and a daughter well on her way (and more able to self-entertain), I’m finally able to use all the empty office space in my master bedroom.

You guys, as an organizational freak, this area of my house was such a huge source of stress. It was a mish-mash area of junk and clutter and everything we didn’t have a place for or were too lazy to find a place for. We took a weekend to completely purge and declutter, organized years worth of paperwork, made a space and a place for everything. And after the carpet stretchers came, we finally moved my office into the, well…office, ha!

Just this small move had made a world of difference in my work attitude and changed the flow of our home in a hugely positive way. And now I have a space for work that’s mine. And our dining room is once again a family area. Insert praise hands here.

Now that I have an area that’s all mine, I want to make it feel like mine, too. I want a space that fosters my creativity and reflects my personality. A place that feels like me; where I can be comfortable and inspired while working, writing, shooting, and planning. Currently all of my office furniture is dark and sister, I’m not having any of that. The first thing I want to do is replace my dark desk with a white one. And all the black shelves with white. I inherited a family heirloom cabinet and I cannot bear to let that go. I’m also unsure of if I can bring myself to paint it white to match or not.

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Once I get my white canvas, I’m hoping to find a bright area rug to sort of outline the space and give a feel of separation between my bedroom and office areas. I’m 100% okay with breaking the don’t sleep where you work rule if it gives my family their house back and myself a private place to work, ha!

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And lastly, I plan to fill the walls with art and inspiring photos. A variety of color and texture to get my brain inspired and motivated to create. My work area needs to feel like a place that will foster my creativity while also feeling calming and relaxing enough to sit and pump out a few articles. Watercolors are a great way for me to add color while keeping the overall feel calming; so because I’m impatient and want instant gratification while I wait out this office decorating process, I ordered a gorgeous watercolor print on wood from While they offer prints on traditional high quality photo paper, they’re more modern options, like wood and metal prints add texture and warmth.

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From the website:

“ by Getty Images is a fresh, new design resource offering stunning, expertly framed photography, shipped and ready to hang. Our vast selection of content is built on Getty Images’ unrivaled archive and exclusive photography collections, from iconic photographs by Slim Aarons and The LIFE Picture Collection to news, fashion, sports, entertainment, landscape and travel. Each image can be framed in one of four sizes and five framing materials—canvas, framed paper, aluminum, acrylic, and birchwood—to complement any interior style.”

With such a wide variety of art, photos, and iconic images to choose from, I know is going to be my go-to source while decorating my new space and creating a reflection of my own personality. I cannot wait to get started creating my workspace and I’m feeling so inspired by all of the incredible images available on their website.

Jump start your own room makeover and order your favorite print, poster, wood print, and more from I’d love for you to share your favorite one with me in the comments.

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