My Favorite Journaling Bible Supplies

By Holly Sosa

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Bible journaling has become one of my favorite ways to meditate on scripture and dive deeper into the word. As a creative and crafter, channeling that creativity for the glory of God is the perfect outlet for me. I’ve been Bible journaling in a specially designated Bible (I do not decorate my church Bible and keep it separate for reading) for roughly two years now and just love how it’s helped me grow as a daughter of the King while allowing me to do something I enjoy. I’ve experimented with several products and methods and thought that I’d share some of my favorite journaling Bible supplies with you to help my fellow creatives get started on their own journaling Bible journey.

Journaling Bible

Clearly you’ll need your own journaling Bible to get started, and it can be overwhelming when you see how many are out on the market. I use this simple black leather one. You can DIY your own custom cover or there are endless options to order one on Etsy if you do a simple search for journaling Bible covers. Recently a release of creative and coloring Bibles were released, which I think are fun! This creative version includes a few coloring pages and several empty pages for you to add in your own creativity.


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I just use this set from Crayola. I know there are much better and higher quality watercolors out there, but this set is affordable and has worked just fine for me and what I use it for in my journaling Bible.

Pigma Micron Pens

bible journaling supplies1

This set I found on Amazon is my favorite and I even use it in my church Bible to take notes or underline something that stuck out to me.

Letter stickers

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Sometimes Bible journaling is as simple as just bolding out or highlighting a particular verse or set of words. Using letter stickers is a fun way I like to do that. This set from Sn@p! has several colors and is one of my favorite sets to use.

Bible verse stickers

bible journaling supplies6

Bella Blvd collaborated with Illustrated Faith and creates tons of great stickers and items to use exclusively in your journaling Bible. I love these Genesis stickers in particular.

Washi tape

bible journaling supplies5

Washi tape is one of my favorite crafting items to use in most of my crafting. It’s especially great in journaling Bibles because it doesn’t rip or tear is you pull it up. This set of ten is inexpensive and a great way to start a collection of your own.

Bible journaling is a fairly new way to connect with the Word of God and one that’s gaining more and more popularity with creatives every day, and why not? What a fabulous way for us to use our crafts and creative line of thinking than to create something beautiful while meditating on scripture?

Do you journal Bible? Have you thought about it? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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