October Empties & Style Faves

By Holly Sosa

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For those of you who are all, “what even is an empties?” it’s a term beauty bloggers and vloggers use when sharing products that they love and use so much that they empty the bottle in it’s entirety. Today, I’ve got several October Empties that I want to share with you along with my favorite October style pieces. Brace yourself, basic bitch is in full force here and I don’t even care.

1. Herbal Essence Naked Dry Shampoo

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I was sent a sample of this Herbal Essence Naked Dry Shampoo about six months back and have gone through two or three full sized bottles since then. Dry shampoo and I have had such a love/hate relationship over the years and I’ve gone from powders to mousse to sprays. This is a pressurized dry shampoo that goes on without any residue or overwhelming smell. It works wonders and I’ve gone a full week and a half without a wash thanks to this stuff (don’t worry, I showered). My only complaint is that the full sized bottles don’t last very long, but I have yet to find anything comparable to this awesome stuff.

2. Leggings

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october empties6

What girls doesn’t look forward to fall so she can wear leggings and boots? It’s the official fall uniform and the most comfortable outfit you can wear while also being fashion-forward. These leggings were sent to me from White Plum and I’m forever grateful because thee’s no dreaded underwear sheen. You know what I’m talking about, ladies? When you wear leggings, but there is still that sheen underneath where you can see your chonies? If you’ve got that issue, try a pair from White Plum. They’ve got several patterns available. Mine can be found here.

3. Perfect Autumn Day Fine Fragrance Mist

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I haven’t shopped at Bath & Body Works since I was a high school girl hell bent on her Cucumber Melon lotion. Recently, my mom received some coupons in the mail and invited me along. It was a festival of fall scented goodness. I picked up a bottle of this Perfect Autumn Day Body Spray (which now they’re calling Fine Fragrance Mist?) and have worn it every single day since. Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like pumpkin (though they had several options). It smells slightly floral. Maybe some apple? Maybe some fall leaves? Whatever the case, it’s just enough to smell like fall without smelling like a candle.

4. Over the knee boots

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I’ve never owned over the knee boots. Partly because I have wide calves and need special boots and partly because I’ve never been brave enough. But something came over me and I recently tried JustFab, which has several wide calf options, and it was the perfect storm. I ordered these Coremma boots and I love them. I love them so hard. I can wear them with my beloved leggings or jeans. They’re different and even a little sexy.

Its’ pretty clear I’m loving this type of post and format because I genuinely enjoy sharing products I love and use with you guys in a more organic platform. What do you think about me bringing this back once a month? I’d love your thoughts on Empties posts and what you’d like to see from them.

What are your October Empties? I’d love to hear about your current favorite things in the comments below.

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