Turkey Roll-Ups, a Simple Snack Idea

By Holly Sosa

turkey roll-ups5

Today I’ve teamed up with Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey to bring you a simple snack recipe that will satisfy your hunger and keep you full until your next meal. This post is sponsored by Foster Farms. Thank you to Foster Farms for partnering with me. And thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog and my family.

With my two year old at home, snacking is just our way of life. She and I both tend to enjoy small snacks throughout the day; especially her. But we often get caught up in a snack vortex of the same thing over and over. Grapes, granola bars, pretzels. Recently, I switched things up to make these Turkey Roll-Ups that both of us could enjoy and we both enjoyed them enough to add them to our snack vortex rotation. I’m sharing my step-by-step recipe (if you can even call it a true recipe, it’s just too easy!) today.

Let’s start by talking about turkey, shall we? No one wants to make these roll-ups with a turkey that isn’t high quality. Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey is 98% fat free and made naturally with 100% turkey breast meat. I prefer this turkey because it’s the only turkey that gives me that leftover Thanksgiving turkey texture to my recipes; plus it contains only 60 calories per serving without compromising great taste. It comes in two flavors: Oven Roasted and Honey Roasted & Smoked, but for this recipe I went with the Oven Roasted.

To start, lay out a piece of turkey on a paper towel and pat it dry. My grandma makes a variation of these for parties and potlucks and she always stresses the importance of drying the turkey off with a paper towel. It’s genius because it allows the turkey to stick to the cheese without the needs for a toothpick to hold it all together.

turkey roll-ups1

turkey roll-ups2

Next, add a slice of cheese to the surface of the turkey. I’ve found American cheese works best as it easily rolls into the turkey with little resistance.

turkey roll-ups3

If you’ve got some lettuce laying around (I didn’t), add a small piece to the top of the cheese before rolling it up. Otherwise, just roll everything up into a nice pinwheel.

From here, you can slice the roll into thirds or leave it whole. My two year old prefers to hold hers, so I leave it whole.

Repeat the process until you’ve created enough Turkey Roll-Ups to satisfy your snack attack.

turkey roll-ups4

turkey roll-ups7

turkey roll-ups8

Turkey lunchmeat is an ingredient I always have on hand in my fridge because it’s so versatile. From sandwiches to diced on top of a salad, and now these simple roll-ups, it’s such a convenient item to use. Save a dollar now by downloading this coupon for your next purchase of Foster Farms lunch meat.

For additional turkey recipes and ideas, visit The Best Turkey website.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Foster Farms All Natural Sliced Turkey.

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