Ziploc Painting, a No-Mess Toddler Craft

By Holly Sosa

ziploc painting3

Messes are my life, friends. It’s just a part of motherhood I’ve come to accept. No amount of planning ahead or carefully planned activities will prevent it. Kids are beautifully messy and that’s okay. But it doesn’t stop me from trying my best to create no-mess activities that allow them to get creative while allowing me to attempt to have a simple way to clean up. That’s where this Ziploc painting activity came in: my solution for no-mess fun.

Our family has children ranging in age from eleven down to two, so any craft or activity we do together needs to engage all of them. This activity, while it may seem geared for smaller children, was exciting for even my eleven and eight year old stepdaughters.


  • Ziploc bags
  • finger paint
  • tape
  • craft paper

You’ll start by taping down a Ziploc bag to a flat surface.

ziploc painting1

Next you’ll add paint to a piece of craft paper in small dollops. Place the paper into the bag and secure the zip. Now comes the fun! Let your child smear the paint all over to create their own masterpiece.

ziploc painting2

ziploc painting4

ziploc painting5

Once all the fun is over with, pull out the piece of paper and hang to dry. That is, if it survived all the painting!

Our girls had hours of fun exploring the texture of the paint underneath the bags, swirling colors together, and getting creative with mixing. I enjoyed how simple clean up was.

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