Organizing a Boy Closet: My Tips, Tricks, & Favorite Organization Tools

By Holly Sosa

boy closet organization3

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One of our goals this year has been to go through each child’s bedroom to redecorate, purchase quality new furniture, and give them a space they can grow in to. It’s April and we’ve only gotten as far as to finish Aiden’s bedroom. See what happens when you try to take on a project in a blended family? Between the comings and goings, it’s hard to nail down time and funding for a redecorating project. But we are chugging along and I’m happy that we are simply making progress. Progress is progress, no matter how small.

This week, I took on the task of organizing Aiden’s closet. In our home, all of the closets have wire shelving and in the years we have been here, most of that shelving has fallen off or broken (the builders didn’t even attach them to studs!). When we made plans for Aiden’s bedroom, I purchased this DIY closet organizer to give him extra storage and somewhere to hang his clothing. I loved the box storage in the middle and that it has four rods to hangs clothes on so that he actually was gaining space rather than losing it with the box storage.

boy closet organization2

When organizing a closet, take into consideration your child’s unique needs. For Aiden, he is between two houses and often needs to return to his mother’s house with certain clothing or toy items that he came to us with. I knew I’d need a special place just for those items so that we could be sure he returns with them. Aiden’s bedroom is on the smaller side, so I wanted to ensure he had space for toys that could easily be stored and tucked away, which is why we wanted the box storage. And our last unique need was that Aiden is four, which means he is trying to gain independence, but also struggles with access like tall closet rods. The system we chose has rods placed high and low, giving him easy access to his jackets and other items we hang.

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Since the closet was completely filled with the new storage system and had no place for a shoe shelving unit, we solved Aiden’s shoe storage with an over the door shoe organizer like this one. We have several shoes that Collin grew out of or never wore that don’t quite fit Aiden yet, so I store those at the top of the organizer and give Aiden easy access to the shoes he wears daily at the bottom.

boy closet organization1

His three fabric bins each serve a storage purpose: one is for his matchbox cars, another for his Legos, and the last for the clothing or toys that need to be returned to his mother’s home. We wanted smaller toys tucked away so that his little sister wouldn’t discover them and swallow a small Lego or object.

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On another shelf, I displayed a few treasured items like a photo, his Bible, and a rosary he was gifted from my mother at his dedication ceremony. These are special gifts or items that I know he wants to see and appreciate each day, but that need to have limited access to small hands.

boy closet organization8

In the end, we were left with a functional closet that will still serve it’s purpose as our boy grows and his needs and interests change in life. One step closer to completing each bedroom, Aiden’s closet was a motivating task to complete. With a few final touches, we will be ready for a full room reveal soon!

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