Ice Cream Sliders, a King Julien Inspired Dessert

By Holly Sosa

ice cream sliders3

This post is sponsored by Netflix. Here at Casa de Sosa, we love Netflix and creating family memories. #StreamTeam #sponsored

As much as I love getting creative with themes and food, I’m also a busy Mom who likes to keep things simple when I can. I believe in celebrating the small things and embracing life’s indulgences whenever possible, but if I can create a magical moment by keeping things easy‚Ķ even better! With my kids, it can be as simple as french fry night, where we head out to our local diner to enjoy a large plate of fries with loads of ranch on the side, or declaring a family cheers before dinner as we all shout and clink cups together.

Yesterday was a staff day at the boys’ school, so they had a middle of the week day off from school. During Evelyn’s nap time, we flipped on Netflix and found one of their faves, King Julien. While the boys enjoyed their show and I enjoyed some quiet time while I whipped up some super fast King Julien inspired ice cream sliders. The best part? I used store bought sammies and just added some King Julien flair with sprinkles and sanding sugar I already had on hand.

ice cream sliders1

ice cream sliders2

To create these for your kiddos, all you need is some ice cream sammies and some sprinkles. Transfer sprinkles to a plate, unwrap the sammies, and gently dip the ice cream edges into the sprinkles to coat them. Instant King Julien love. A simple, fast, and easy way to show your love. If your love language is food. Because mine is. Who doesn’t love food?

Middle-of-the-week days off mean staying cozy in jammes and enjoying a Netflix day with snacks. Blankies in laps, sticky hands, messy faces. Family is what you make it, friends. And we make it one King Julien sammie at a time.

ice cream sliders4

ice cream sliders5

ice cream sliders6

ice cream sliders7

ice cream sliders8

ice cream sliders9

Be sure to check out the latest titles from Netflix with your family this month. Our kiddos current faves: All Hail King Julien, The Tigger Movie, and Slugterra. My current faves: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Friends, and Sons of Anarchy. What are your current Netflix faves? Let’s talk binge watching in the comments below!

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