7 Simple Things You Can Do With Your Child Every Day to Express Your Love

By Holly Sosa

simple things to do with your child every day

I don’t claim to be a parenting expert by any definition, but I believe firmly that I’m an alright Mama. My children are happy and well adjusted, which says a lot considering we are a stepfamily with several plates in the air at any given time. Like any other Mama, I’m constantly filled with doubt and worry. Am I doing enough? Do they feel loved today? Are they going to grow up okay? Am I doing right by them? Is my parenting style the right one?

A few days ago, I reached out to some of you via Facebook to ask what things you do with your children every single day. I received several responses and most of them were the same few things over and over. From parents of all walks of life. The most common denominator we all had: love. And I think there’s something to be said for just that: loving on your child. Today I want to share with you a few of the answers I received, which are all simple ways to express your love for your child(ren) and to connect with them in a special way.

7 Things to Do With Your Child Every Day

do with your child every day3

1. Hug them. This may seem simple and, perhaps a given, but there is something to be said for gentle physical touch. Children thrive off of love and this is one way to show your physical love for them.

2. Tell them you love them. They need to hear this every singe day. Expressing your love for your child everyday can help give them a sense of security and help them to never doubt how deeply loved they are.

3. Pray for them. This article was helpful for me in figuring out how to pray for my children and what I could/would/should be praying for.

4. Pray with them. This will help teach them to talk to God regularly. The ACTS prayer is also a thoughtful way for your child to have a conversation with God.

5. Read to them. If you’re a busy parent (aren’t we all?), this is one of the best ways to give your child undivided attention and one on one time. Not only does it connect you with your child for a solid amount of time each day, but it’s also educational for them.

6. Eat dinner with them. My family always had dinner together every night. We connected, we had conversations, and we were a family unit every single night for the hour it took us to eat our meal. Research is proving more and more how beneficial this is for each and every family member. This can be hard to do every single night, so my family shoots for five nights a week.

7. Tuck them in. This is a great time to hug them, tell them you love them, pray with them, and read to them. Check it out, you can complete four of the seven tasks on this list in one act of kindness towards your child!

What things do you do every single day with your child? How do you let them know they are loved and cared for? Let’s talk love languages in the comments below.

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