Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, a Gal’s Travel Must-Have

By Holly Sosa

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I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Victoria Jackson® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

My family is blended and we spread across Nevada and California. My son’s father lives in Las Vegas, we live in the High Desert, and my step-daughters live on the SoCal coast. Traveling to and from to pick up or drop off children is simply a part of our life. Factor in family vacations and I’m a seasoned pro! Packing overnight or weekend bags for my kids and myself is second nature for me and I’ve narrowed down our travel must-haves to things that are high quality, but also durable. For the kids, this means travel tooth kits, detangler, and extra chonies. For me, this means narrowing down my makeup to items that work, but that can also give me the same classic look I love.

This small travel kit from Victoria Jackson Cosmetics packs a lot of my favorites into one convenient package. It is the Victoria Jackson Survival Kit and has all of the basics you need and then some. Five lipstick shades, ten eyeshadow shades, brushes, mascara, even eyeliner. There are tons of little compartments and areas that neatly store everything together (sort of like a more fabulous swiss army knife!) which make it the perfect travel companion.

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Typically, when I travel there is an opportunity for a relative to watch the kids for the evening so my husband and I can enjoy a meal out, a rare treat! This kit is great to have on hand because it offers you several options, from daytime classic to sultry date night looks, you get all of your at-home options, but in one small easy-to-take package. This is the daytime look I created with my Victoria Jackson Survival Kit.

victoria jackson makeup review4

victoria jackson makeup review3

makeup before after

I used their Foundation Duo in light on my face and then dusted lightly with a powder. I also added one additional coat of mascara from my makeup collection because I have stick straight eyelashes and usually require two different mascara products. Other than that, everything on my face is from the survival kit.

victoria jackson makeup2

victoria jackson makeup3

The Victoria Jackson brand is all about embracing your natural beauty. When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you can change your life. Victoria Jackson Cosmetics’ mission is to help women achieve inner confidence through outer beauty. A dot of foundation here, a subtle pencil stroke there, the light dusting of blush. And you’re ready. Ready for the day. For life. For anything. It’s a quality brand with a positive message that I just had to share with you, friends!

If you’re interested in trying Victoria Jackson® (I highly recommend this kit!), right now they are offering an exclusive 25% discount off the entire site using promo code LOVEVJC. Valid until 4/4/15.

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