Heart Fruit Kabobs, a Sweet Valentine Treat

By Holly Sosa

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For me, Valentine’s Day evoke images of folded paper cards with a lollipop stuck through them, candy sprinkles, and heart doodles. This year is the first year Collin and Aiden are in school, so I am extra excited about taking them to choose their own paper cards to fold for their classmates. Our school has a no homemade food rule, which makes me super depressed because holidays are my thang, you guys. I love getting creative with food and treats to make them special for the kids. But at least the folded paper cards and heart doodles are permitted. Thank goodness, otherwise I’d have had an ulcer.

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valentine fruit kabobs2

At home, I can get as holiday crazed as I want and that’s exactly what I did with our snack yesterday afternoon. I sliced up a pineapple, a few apples, and some pears and then took my heart shaped cookie cutter to them. I wish I could have found strawberries because how extra cute would these have been with a strawberry between each heart, am I right? Next, I dipped them in chocolate and added sprinkles (all hail the Target dollar spot!). I’m not sure what it is, but there is something magical about putting food on a stick that instantly makes kids want to eat it. I’m going to try carrots and broccoli next, yes?

valentine fruit kabobs10

valentine fruit kabobs8

valentine fruit kabobs5

This isn’t technically a recipe, so I would feel odd creating a recipe card to share for this, but if you want one, let me know in the comments and I’ll whip one up for you to print at home. But it’s as easy as cutting out the shapes, dipping them in almond bark or chocolate, adding some sprinkles, and skewering them.

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