5 Simple & Meaningful Ways to Encourage Your Child

By Holly Sosa

how to encourage your child

Earlier this week, I had a parenting fail. I reacted out of anger and yelled louder than I should have and came down harder than necessary on my kids. The culprit? A destroyed bookshelf. In the end, I was able to apologize for my overreaction and there were hugs all around (along with an afternoon of weeding the backyard to earn a new bookshelf). But the whole incident made me really reflect on my parenting and what I can do to be better. I believe one of the best ways to encourage your child is by apologizing when you know you have done something wrong. Children tend to view parents as perfect beings, but when we can admit we are wrong, I think it creates a new dialogue and gives them a prime example of what type of human they want to grow up to be. In the spirit of encouragement and righting our parenting wrongs, today I’m sharing some helpful ideas on how you can encourage your child today….and everyday, for that matter.

ways to encourage your child2

1. Apologize when you are wrong: As I touched on above, when you have done something that hurts their feelings or perhaps yelled more than you should have, apologize. Let them know you’re not perfect and that you’ll try better next time. Give them a hug and tell them you love them. You both probably need it.

2. Tell them you are proud of them: My son is always asking me, “Mom, are you so proud of me?” He loves that verbalization of Mama pride. Chances are, so does your kid. Even if it’s something as simple as putting on their shoes by themselves, let them know how proud you are of them.

3. Tell them you love them: I know this one may seem obvious, but so many children just don’t hear it enough. My rule of thumb? When you feel it, say it. I am forever telling my kids that I love them. In the car on the way to school, before bed, during snack time, and more. They hear me verbally confirm my love multiple times in a day. I believe this gives them confidence and security that lasts into adult life.

ways to encourage your child1

4. Take them on special one-on-one dates: My step-dad and mom used to take each of my siblings and I on outings one at a time. It made us each feel special and individualized. I’ve adopted this with my kids and step-son with special movie dates or fro-yo dates one at a time and the measurable happiness is always such a pleasant surprise.

5. Create a chart: Give your child a visual to work towards. Put things on the chart like, “Make someone smile,” or, “Do something nice for someone at school,” and give them a sticker for each item they do. Let them work towards a special outing or toy they’ve been wanting.

What’s your favorite way to encourage your child? Do you have an idea I should add to my list? Share in the comments below.

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