Feels: L.A. Band Creates Unique Sound

By pcsanchez7505

Two things seriously lacking in this world are a no holds barred attitude and rocking female punk bands. Both of those are met however thanks to the raw and powerful East L.A. band Feels. The (nearly) all girls rock group has some serious fire power on stage – and that’s not just because of guitarist Shannon Lay’s fiery orange hair.

Bad jokes aside, Lay and her band mates Laena Geronimo (vocals, guitar), Amy Allen (bass) and Michael Rudes (drums) have an innate talent to fill any venue with an insatiable energy that collides with their audience and propels them to dance, mosh and move in any way possible.

Feels performed to a packed house every Monday night during their July residency at the Echo, located on Sunset Boulevard, in Echo Park. The band is no stranger to the area and reveled in the fact that they were surrounded by familiar faces and fans.

Their last night at the Echo proved to be a ground shaking event where their short set list of about 13 songs unfolded in a wheeling whirlwind of a performance that began with flowers and ended in a small shower of balloons.

Before hitting the stage, Geronimo stepped up to the mic to announce the debut of their new music video, which was projected before Feels came on stage.

Preceding Feels were Cat Signs, The Baltic and Adult Books. While Feels may have been the headliner that night, the other bands did just as well with introspective tunes, heavy punk sound and a strong stage presence.

There was no doubt though that Feels is in a category of their own, and not often do bands leave me in awe. Many performances are good, and there are a lot of bands with talent, but there is something to be said about charisma and a band’s persona. Feels radiates with confidence on stage, and every move, guitar strum and note sung seems organic. Nothing permeates as fake, and with a strong collection of songs, fans simply feel the music. The band’s ability to engage in a lucid performance makes experiencing their music all the better. Plus, it’s downright fun to dance to Feels music and feel the energy of the crowd as they get lost in a barrage of sound.

The band recently released their debut LP in February. The album features several tracks with punk infused riffs and catchy hooks heavy with bass and guitar. The whole album is saturated in a cavalier attitude with sexy, snarling vocals, solid rhythms and tantalizing boldness. Their single “Tell Me” oozes with desire and conviction.

Feels will perform On Aug. 20 at Echo Park Rising, an annual music festival held in Echo Park on Sunset Boulevard, Glendale Boulevard and Alvarado Avenue. For more information about Feels, visit their Facebook page.


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