Echo Park Rising takes over NELA

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Feels will be one of many bands performing at Echo Park Rising.

For the sixth year in a row, the Echo Park community in Los Angeles, California will host Echo Park Rising, a free music festival featuring an eclectic mix of established musicians and home-grown favorites. This year’s event is set to be even more special, hosting not only musicians and comedians but special guest speakers as well. Echo Park Rising takes place Aug. 18-21.

What started as a way to celebrate the music, business and entertainment community nestled in Echo Park has now become an established event that attracts people of all ages. The free show offers a variety of musical genres and performers, and the open-air set up allows attendees to get a feel for the unique atmosphere found in the neighborhood.


Moon Honey performing at the Echo.

With dozens of musical guests, there is never a dull moment. Some of the bands performing this year include Feels, Bleached, Adult Books, Moon Honey and Pom Poms. The music festival will also feature Echo Park favorites such as Funky Soles (an epic dance party held every Saturday evening by The Echo featuring funk music) and a Lollipop vs. Burger Records show – both record labels have roots in the North East L.A. (NELA) community and harbor out-of-the-box musicians and bands.


Jessie Payo of Pom Poms performing at the Satellite.

The bands featured at Echo Park Rising are not ones you’ll hear on any mainstream radio station. They’re eccentric, bold and at times avant-garde. The mix of music and entertainment seen at Echo Park Rising makes it one of the best free festivals around, and it has become a must-see event for many.

This year, Echo Park Rising will also host a special book reading by Vicky Hamilton, Guns N’ Roses first manager, whose memoir, “Appetite for Dysfunction,” regales infamous tales of Hamilton’s experience with the rock ‘n’ roll business. The reading will take place Aug. 18 at Stories Books and Café on Sunset Boulevard.

Aside from catering to the diverse and expansive music community found in Southern California, Echo Park Rising is a great example of Echo Park’s commitment to cultivating a rich musical hub. Echo Park and its neighboring community, Silver Lake, are full of smaller venues where young, new or local bands perform. It’s in these venues – The Echo and Echoplex, El Cid, the Satellite and more – where bands have found a safe place to experiment, learn and entertain. A show at any of these venues can often feel like a house party packed with friends, family and fans alike.

Admission to Echo Park Rising is free, but VIP experience tickets can also be purchased. The festival will take up parts of Sunset Boulevard, Glendale Boulevard and Alvarado Street. Traffic for the event is high, but parking can be found in neighboring streets. For more information about the line-up and FAQ, visit the festival’s website.

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