Heaps N’ Heaps Share New Music

By pcsanchez7505

It’s not easy to make playing music look effortless, but Heaps N’ Heaps, from Venice Beach, are naturals at it. The four-piece band is in the midst of creating new music and showcasing new material on stage, an experience that has proven to be fun and visceral. Band members Alisa Fedele (keyboard, vocals), Zach Moon (guitar, vocals), John Pruitt (bass) and Dan Dowsett (drums) describe themselves as, “a band of friends making music under the sun, beneath the streets, beside the moon of Los Angeles and sometimes beyond.” Their laid back, yet highly ambitious approach to music shows in their live sets and in the studio, making them a band to watch out for.

Recently, the band stepped on stage at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s bar in Hollywood to play to a packed house of Angelinos. The small and intimate show felt more like a house party than anything else with fans dancing and singing along. The energy projected by Heaps N’ Heaps was contagious, and not a single person felt out of place. To add to the energy that buzzed around the band was of course a great set list of new music that seemed to radiate from Heaps N’ Heaps’ hearts and settle into their fans’ psyche.

Heaps N’ Heaps music falls into the alternative and indie rock category, but it’s infused with groovy bass lines and rocking keyboards. Because the band consists of good friends, there is a unique chemistry between them that permeates through their sound. On stage, you can feel the love and support each band member has for each other, and on record you can hear the dynamic collaboration going on, making for a truly captivating listening experience.

The band released their debut album “Live at the Village” last December and released a new single “Holy Things” earlier this year. “Live at the Village” consists of 11 tracks all recorded live. In it are sweet pieces of danceable tunes that come together in a fun and intriguing way. From the allusive “China Doll” to the unhinged “Holy Things,” the album showcases Heaps N’ Heaps creative talent and capacity to execute ideas in an effective way.

Heaps N’ Heaps will perform July 29 at El Cid in Silver Lake, another small and intimate bar. The band made a limited amount of CDs with unreleased tracks that they’ve been passing around before and after shows. To check out more music from the band, visit their website here or their bandcamp.


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