Sonos Play:1: Full Volume Please

By pcsanchez7505


So I go to a lot of shows, and I mean a lot. Some may ask, “doesn’t it get boring going to so many concerts?” Honesty, no it doesn’t. I love live music and the energy you get when you get mixed in the crowd.

That being said, sound is the main sense in any musical experience (duh), whether it be at a live concert or through a pair of home speakers. The sound quality can really make or break some songs, and after getting my hands on Sonos Play:1, I can say without a doubt that they’ve certainly elevated my musical experience outside of the concert pit for several reasons.

The Set Up
I’m not very tech savvy, but the set up for Sonos Play:1 was very nonthreatening and simple enough to follow — plug it in, go to Sonos’ website, press a button and sync! Within a few minutes, even I was ready to roll.

The Choices
Now with Sonos, one of its best features is that its wireless. Aside from a power cord you’re really not limited to where you can put it. Pair that with its compact body and the ability to control it with your laptop or smart phone, you can take charge of your music or playlists quite easily.

The choices don’t stop there though. So, once you’ve found the perfect spot for your Play:1, you have so many ways to stream the music you love. Personally, I took advantage of Pandora because of its great variety of music, and Spotify, for the killer playlist choices (thanks Mattson).

Those two were just my favorites, but, there are countless ways to stream music through these speakers — Amazon Music, iHeartRadio and Soundcloud just to name a few. If anything, you can stream the music already downloaded onto your laptop, and anyway you stream, Play:1 gives you the opportunity to hear it with superb quality, which brings me to my next point.

The Sound
Let’s get to the main reason why I love Sonos Play1. The sound is phenomenal. At full volume it’s definitely loud enough to be heard from a good distance and there’s no static, feedback or distortion, just clean, crisp and sharp sound.

As someone who listens to a lot of different genres, I thoroughly enjoyed the sound produced by Play:1. Every hook, bass line, guitar strum and singer’s croon was heard beautifully.

Sonos Play:1
Play:1 gets my strong approval for in-home speakers. No matter what your living arrangements may be, these nifty little speakers will impact your musical experience in a big way.

For more information about Sonos Play:1 visit their website here.

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