Atlas Genius at the San Diego House of Blues

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It’s a delightful occurance to find a genuine band with honest answers and reflective lyrics. It’s even more exciting to find a band that cares enough to stick around for their fans after the show. Australian rock stars Atlas Genius accomplish all of the above and put on a performance worth writing about.

Atlas Genius stepped on stage at the San Diego House of Blues just days after their release of sophomore album “Inanimate Objects,” and was able to create a moment of unity that transcended from artists to fans.

Brothers Michael and Keith Jeffery were accompanied by touring band mates as they played a mix of songs off their two albums, and while their new album was released only days earlier, fans sang along to nearly every tune played that night.

Earlier in the night The Shelters and Dreamers opened up respectively, with very sweet sets of their own. Dreamers, a band from Long Island, New York, played comfortably on stage and grabbed the attention of fans when they played one of their more popular song, “Wolves.”

Later in the night, Atlas Genius took to the stage with all the power and grace of seasoned musicians.

The band jumped right into an older single, “Symptoms” before sliding into “Refugees,” off “Inanimate Objects.”

Halfway through their set, the band surprised fans with a fun, upbeat rendition of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round.”

Throughout the night singer Keith was very engaging toward his audience and made a spectacular effort to make a connection with his fans. The whole band moved together seamlessly and fell into place with their own stage dynamics.

After nearly an hour and a half of playing, the band even stayed after to meet fan, take pictures and sign merch.

From start to finish, the energy that night was very inviting, and Keith, Michael were able to bring out the essence of their second album — that is, good music and meaningful moments stick and resonate with you in a way that goes beyond molecular structure or reason.

Atlas Genius will be back in SoCal in October to open up for Passion Pit.


Source:: Atlas Genius at the San Diego House of Blues

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