Jon Foreman set to play a solo show at the Pomona Glass House

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Switchfoot’s charismatic singer, Jon Foreman is stepping to the stage to perform a series of solo shows this fall following his four series EPs, “Wonderlands,” set to be released throughout this year.

Foreman steps front and center to make several stops throughout the US, and will be headlining at the Pomona Glass House on Sept. 23.

Foreman’s performance follows the release of his two EPs “Sunlight” and “Shadows,” just half of a decade long music project. His song cycle of four EPs includes 24 songs and over the past 10 years, Foreman has worked with with 24 co-producers, conspirators and special guests to create this one of a kind collection.

Each EP is an ode to a different part of the day, and the remaining two, “Darkness” and “Dawn” are set to be released later this year.

Foreman, a prolific writer, musician and performer, shares with his fans a deep collection of songs and stated earlier this year that this series of EPs reflects his connection to music.

“My world has always been mapped out by music,” shares Foreman. “Even when I was a kid, songs were my landscape – a place to run to, a place to figure things out, a place to express the inexpressible. With The Wonderlands, I wanted to create a planet of my own: a world built out of songs. My hope is that listeners will find a new landscape to call their own.”

His stage presence and overall personality radiates off the stage and transforms his shows into an intimate moment that won’t easily be forgotten.

The Glass House, a small, all ages venue located in Downtown Pomona, and is known for its intimate setting and has housed a variety of bands from new comers to seasoned rock stars.

Tickets for Foreman’s show are available now, and can be purchased here.

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