Allie X makes her LA debut at the Bootleg

By pcsanchez7505


Can we all agree that the X in Allie X stands for Xtraordinary?

OK, now that that pun is out of the way, we can talk about Allie X’s LA debut which was nothing short of bizarre — and I mean that in the best way possible.

The night started out unassuming, in a bar on the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles. The Bootleg, a wine and beer only venue I found out, opened its doors to an eclectic crowd of fans who came out to see not just a concert, but a theatrical performance, and it’s no stretch to say fans got what they came for.

With Allie X’s classically trained voice, strange stage antics and unique style, LA was given a taste of something a little x-tra (had one more in me) Saturday night.

The Canadian born singer started out on stage dressed in a white tutu like outfit, a black bow around her waist and a stylish pair of bug eye shades. She jumped right into a popular single and kept the momentum going with songs such as “Catch,” “Hello” and “Sanctuary.”

Trace, the opening act for the night, also contributed to the night’s electric energy. The trio came on stage with an equally unearthly sound and even wowed the crowd with a cover of Beyoncé’s “Halo.”

During Allie X’s performance, the young singer careened on stage, twirled around, dropped to her knees, stood perfectly still and even made taking off sunglasses an eerily dramatic ordeal.

After the show, she stayed around to take pictures and talk with fans. All in all, her debut in LA was met with a lot of enthusiasm and appreciation, which the singer returned as well.

Judging by her honest music and adorning stage presence, it’s easy to tell Allie X is NOT your typical singer, by no means a role model, but absolutely energy charged and ready to ignite.

Earlier this year, Allie X released CollXtion I, her debut EP which was received well by fans and critics alike.

Her fun blend of pop and Indie mixed with a dynamic and unorthodox stage presence makes her an artist to watch, as many already have.

For more information about her music, fans can check out her website here.


Source:: Allie X makes her LA debut at the Bootleg

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