Boys of Zummer Tour Awaken the Sleep Train Amphitheatre

By pcsanchez7505


It’s a little ironic that during their rowdy Boys of Zummer tour, Fall Out Boy made a stop at a place called the Sleep Train Amphitheatre, but they did, and we are ever so grateful they were able to give us a taste of pure adrenaline.

Now, the Boys of Zummer line up may seem like a weird pair, Wiz Khalifa, the bad boy of rap and weed opening up for Fallout Boy, the fantastically emo/alt-rock band, doesn’t seem like the greatest match up.

It’s even weirder when you consider Khalifa’s set time was just as long as Fallout Boy’s slot, and while I imagine there are few fans who dab their musical palate into both genres, once there, many found the pairing to be oddly satisfying.

Saturday night started out with singer/rapper Hoodie Allen. His set, while short, was enthusiastically performed and fueled no doubt, with all the energy of a Rock Star. Allen mixed his own collection of work with a few covers, including a song from Blink 182.

Allen’s set was followed by a short DJ intermission followed by a rather (sexually) graphic video segment to introduce Wiz Khalifa.

Khalifa sauntered on stage and broke right into a party boy swag that carried him through the night. He sang and rapped his way through song after song, smiling, posing and asking the crowd “where the stoners at?”

During a short intermission, Khalifa’s pianist stepped on stage, lit a joint and proceeded to casually play a beautiful and slowed down rendition to the beginning of “Young, Wild and Free.”

While his weed infused set didn’t appeal to everyone, those that were there for Wiz were more than pleased with his set that included songs such as “So High” and “You and Your Friends.”

By the time it came down to Fall Out Boy, fans were more than ready to rock out. The band stepped on stage and opened up with “Sugar We’re Going Down,” an old fan favorite.

Fall Out Boy’s set was a great mix of older material and new songs off their recent album. Young and old fans alike sang along to nearly every tune and got especially excited when the band stepped off stage to play an acoustic set halfway through their performance.
Patrick Stump (vocals, guitar), Pete Wentz (bass, backing vocals), Joe Trohman (guitar, backing vocals) and Andy Hurley (drummer) had a great energy that shook the entire stadium, and not one fan was left sitting.

Fall Out Boy fans let loose Saturday night and had a hell of a time with a band that has been around for over a decade.

If you get the chance to see them, I highly recommend it – even if it’s just to satisfy your high school obsession.


Source:: Boys of Zummer Tour Awaken the Sleep Train Amphitheatre

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