Tony Hawk Foundation brings together a sweet mix of skateboarders and musicians

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No one could have said it better than Ben Harper when he noted that musicians and skateboarders go together like peanut butter and chocolate. The acclaimed musician and skateboard enthusiast was just one half of a dynamic duo who helped create the Boards and Bands charity fundraiser that lets both passions collide.

His partner in crime is none other than the Bird Man himself, Tony Hawk, who in 2002 started the Tony Hawk Foundation to help build skate parks around the United States for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have any other outlet or means to skateboard in a safe environment.

Together, the two took their talents and passions to bring together skateboarding legends and celebrated musicians to create a one of a kind charity.

Boards and Bands puts up for auction, skateboards used by famous skateboarders who had their favorite musicians write the lyrics on the boards. Past participants include Paul McCartney, who signed and wrote the lyrics to the song “Blackbird” on Hawk’s skateboard.

“It is unbelievably cool that we get to do this and the fact that these boards come through, and that the artists respond and it resonates with them as well,” said Hawk. “Maybe they don’t necessarily skate, but they understand the need, and they understand our mission, and like I said it has been an incredible project…”

Both Hawk and Harper noted what an incredible opportunity this project has been, and how awe inspiring the list of participating musicians and skateboarders has grown to become.

“This is ‘Candle in the Wind’ ladies and gentleman. This isn’t some Ben Harper shit,” said Harper. “This is Elton John right here…Musicians expect and revere skaters, and a lot of musicians wish they were skaters. And I know a lot of skaters that wish they were musicians, it’s kind of like who put my peanut butter in my chocolate…but it works

The Auction will continue for the next two weeks. Those wishing to bid on a board can do so here.

Anyone wishing to learn more about or donate to the Tony Hawk Foundation can visit their website here.


List of Participants
Paul Rodriguez + Jay Z “Where I’m From”
Riley Hawk + Ozzy Osbourne “Fairies Wear Boots”
Shane O’Neil + Jay Z “Politics As Usual”
Ben Raybourn + DEVO “Uncontrollable Urge”Chad Ortiz + Tom Petty “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”
Nyjah Huston +: Metallica “Fade To Black”
Ryan Sheckler + Of Mice & Men “The Depths”
Tony Hawk + U2 “Where The Streets Have No Name”
Tony Hawk + Tenacious D “Tribute”
Mikey Taylor + The National “Sorrow”Chris Cole + Elton John & Bernie Taupin “Candle In The Wind”
Doug Saladino + Pearl Jam “Nothing As It Seems”

Source:: Tony Hawk Foundation brings together a sweet mix of skateboarders and musicians

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