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I’m a bath gal and always have been. In winter especially, I love to turn on the water as hot as I can stand and just soak in bubbles, salts, or bath bombs. Since I typically enjoy a winter bath right before bed, I love to soak in soothing lavender bath salts that I whip up at home with just three simple ingredients. Lavender calms and relaxes which makes it ideal for pre-bedtime rituals. For me, it’s my preferred way to unwind and melt away my worries, so I thought I’d share how I make these Soothing Lavender Bath Salts.


  • dried lavender
  • epsom salts
  • lavender essential oil
  • glass container

I start by adding about a quarter cup of dried lavender to my glass container.

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Next I add just over a cup of epsom salts. These can be found at Walmart in the pharmacy aisles.

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Then I drip about 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil over the salts.

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Lastly, I cover the container with the lid and give everything a nice good shake to get the oils mixed throughout the salts and to spread around the dried lavender.

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Friends, this Soothing Lavender Bath Salts recipe is so convenient to have on hand for sore muscles or after an extra stressful day. Even if you don’t make it ahead of time, it’s a cinch to make right before taking a bath too. Even my bearded-manly-man husband enjoys soaking in these salts.

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After a long soak in lavender, I replenish the moisture that the hot water drew out of my skin with Jergens® Wet Skin™ Moisturizer Cherry Almond Essence, a scent exclusive to Walmart. Winter is hard on my skin with dryer weather and after an extra hot bath, I need to ensure I’m replenishing my skin. Moisturizing skin while it’s wet can help to keep my skin hydrated all winter long since it absorbs immediately. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer contains essential oils that work with water to lock in moisture and leave me feeling soft all day. When it comes to my skin and keeping it moisturized, I’m as picky as they come. I can’t handle that after-grease feeling almost every other lotion leaves behind and I constantly forget to moisturize unless I do it right after a shower. I love that Jergens Wet Skin is applied before I even get out and I don’t have to feel that after-grease, just ultra soft and silky skin. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer is available in five different scents and can be found at Walmart.

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