12 Coolest Kitchen Gadget for Food Lovers

By John Wade

If you are a food lover and love to cook you will love this blog in this you are going to get some of the best gadgets for kitchen and food lovers. Gadget makes our work easier and lets us have fun and be great so getting them I’d always a good choice. Let’s check some of our best 12 pick for food lovers.

Easy banana slicer

Get your banana peel as many as you want and get ready to have a perfectly sliced Banana with this banana slicer. Specially made to slice perfect banana pieces this comes with a curvy shape and it’s really great for slicing. When you get it you will really start to think why you didn’t get that earlier. A simple gadget yet one of the most useful one if you love bananas, this is a must-have for you.

Spatula and tongs

I mean when you love cooking you know how much spatula and tongs come in handy no matter what you are cooking. These are one of the must-have things you will need whether you are frying or just going simple cooking. So take this with the great 2-in-1 spatula that also work as tongs so you don’t need to go use 2 different things can easily use this one and get great experience.

Egg cooker

Imagine getting a hard-boiled egg after even breaking your egg. The egg cooker comes in the shape of an egg so you break your egg put it in this egg cooker. Get your favorite vegetables, get your favorite spices salt pepper of whatever you want. Then simply just put the egg cooker into a pot and let it boil and then a few minutes later get your perfectly shaped boiled egg you need.

Sous Vide Machine

Are you a health conscious person? Then a Sous Vide machine is something which you should consider. Food is prepared in this machine using steam of different pressure, which helps in retaining many benefits of those raw vegetables. You can find some of the best sous vide machines in this article.

Sponge gloves

Try cleaning your dishes you know how much time it takes every time you want to do that. Then we have a solution for you just have these gloves that will help you wash them easily and clean every dish better than any other. Wear these gloves on your hand the glove contains the sponge that will wash your dishes easily. Just put soap on the gloves and start washing in a sec.

Butter cutter

The butter cutter is one of the best and most useful gadgets you will see. We all need butter for you our toast in the morning right? I don’t know about you but I sure did for a great toast in the morning to start my day. That time butter cutter will help you a lot and let you get perfectly sized cubed butter. Now no more waiting for your hard butter to get in the room temperature just take that hard butter fit it inside and start cutting.

Pineapple corer

The pineapple core is by far the best option to have when you are trying to eat a pineapple. I love pineapple but I don’t like at all to cut that thick layer of the pineapple. So when I need to eat this core works super well just get it in the middle of your pineapple and keep twisting till it’s totally inside your pineapple. Then later remove the core and get a perfectly ringed shaped pineapple.

Strawberry stem remover

Do you also get bored when you want to eat strawberries but always have to look for the stem of it whole eating it. Then try having this with you it just remove your stem of the strawberry and let you have a perfectly edible strawberry. Works great with tomato root removal and as well as the onion too.

Bottle opener fridge magnet

This is a very useful gadget, everyone loves drinking beers or some soft drink and when you get that out of your fridge you start to finish your opener. That you can’t remember where you put it last time? So don’t worry this bottle opener always going to be there on your fridge. With its magnetic quality, you just need to place it there and without using your hands to hold the opener you can directly open the beer bottle now.

Universal strainer

The simple yet the most useful thing you can use in the kitchen while making food is a strainer. But why get those big bowl type strainer when you can get this silicone made strainer that take less space and perfectly fit on any pan or pot. So now straining is easy no need to get another bowl just use one thing put this on your pot and your good to go.

Chopping board withdraws

When you chopping into a chopping board and then you need to take that vegetable and put it in the pan, it gets hard as the from the board it can fall. So use this great chopping board that has drawers in it for containers, cut your vegetables and then place them in the container in the drawer. Now no more waiting for the veggies you cut and get them all In the pan safely.

Over the sink chopping board

Get over with washing and then taking out the water and then cutting your vegetables with different things. Get this simple chopping board with a colander on one side and chopping board on the other. Put this board on your sink and start washing and cutting at the same place, this board save your time and effort.…


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