PaperMate Flairs Pen Test

By Holly Sosa

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Planner and stationery addicts get a little crazy about their pens and other writing utensils. When we find that perfect pen that doesn’t bleed through, has the perfect tip, and creates bold color, we stay loyal and true. For me, that pen has been my beloved PaperMate Flairs. You might be wondering how a gal could write an entire blog post around a pen. And let me just tell you, this is happening. Because I love my Flairs! You don’t have to. If you think I’m crazy for writing an entire post about pens, that’s fine. But you’ve officially been warned!

PaperMate Flairs are offered in a wide variety of colors. I first discovered them when I worked as a bid coordinator for a construction company. I used red pen a lot and nothing was bold enough. I prefer a wider tip and just couldn’t find the perfect red. Until I found the red Flair. It was bold, smooth, and didn’t bleed through like my previously loved fine tip Sharpies. When I discovered they were offered in every color of the rainbow and then some, I bought my first set. Since then PaperMate Flairs have helped me to outline and achieve my goals, plan birthday parties and events, and even journal privately. I love these pens, you guys!

In the planner community, we love a good pen test so I’m sharing exactly that, a PaperMate Flairs pen test, with my favorite Flair colors so you can see how perfectly bright the color spill from the perfect felt tip. While I prefer the M tips, they come in other sizes as well (non pen addicts won’t get this nonsense, I’m sorry friends).

I treat myself to a fresh pack of these pens every year during back to school season (usually when you can get them for the best price) and use them literally all year long until the ink runs out. Even my husband knows that my Flairs are totally off limits and asks before he touches my pen collection, ha!

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