My LUSH Faves

By Holly Sosa

I first discovered LUSH a few years back when a friend gifted me a Sex Bomb bath bomb. From then on, it was love at first fizz. I’m a full blown LUSH addict now and have experimented with nearly every bath bomb, bubble bar, lotion, shower gel, well…pretty much everything they have to offer. I’ve loved literally every single item I’ve purchased from LUSH, which isn’t something I can say for any other cosmetics or toiletries brand. While I would recommend everything I’ve tried from the vegetarian-based brand, there are a few items that I just never leave the store without grabbing. My LUSH faves feature a little bit of everything and are a great reference for newbies to the brand.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

This was my first LUSH product and the beginning of my addiction. The soft jasmine and ylang ylang scents are soothing while the soy milk moisturizes my skin. This is still one of my favorite bath bombs LUSH offers and I almost never leave the store without grabbing one.

Twilight Bath Bomb

Lavender is my all time favorite scent in the world, so when I was beginning my journey into LUSH I figured Twilight would be a safe bet. The satisfying purple and blue fizz and the instant scent of lavender has made this one a pre-bedtime favorite.

I Love Juicy Shampoo

This brightly scented shampoo features ingredients like papaya, kiwi, pineapple, and mango juices. I love this particular shampoo because it helps with my oily hair. The acids in the fruit juices absorb some of the oil produced by the scalp. My hair always feels light and healthy after washing with I Love Juicy.

Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

This is a gentle conditioner that’s good for all hair types. I love that it give my hair moisture without being too oily since my hair is already pretty greasy on it’s own.

LUSH is my favorite beauty brand. While it was a gift that prompted me to look more into the company, it’s their animal friendly, environmentally conscious, and natural approach to beauty that keeps me coming back for more. Not only do I feel good about using their products, but they’re effective. They didn’t send me anything or pay me to say this, friends. It’s just genuinely my favorite beauty company and I think everyone should experience at least one of their bath bombs in their lifetime, ha!

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