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By Holly Sosa

I’m a big believer in goal setting and mapping. I firmly believe that when I write down a goal and take the time to map out the steps I need to take to get me there, that I’ve essentially created a road map for success. It’s why I’m passionate about using a paper planner. My planner is my goal achieving tool and whether that means I’m tackling my larger goals here on the blog or smaller goals like getting my house organized, its helps me to see them through to completion.

Planner users all have their own style. I love my stickers and washi tape while others like to keep things minimal. I prefer to make my planner visually pleasing for me so that I’m excited to dive into my tasks each day. Where some see too many stickers and fluff, I see a joyful road map for my week ahead that keeps me motivated and on task.

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Planners and handwriting tasks have proven time and again to be a habit of successful people. I know for me that writing things down helps me to unlock something in my brain that translates to physically going after my goals. Any time I’ve wanted to achieve something, it started with writing it down. This blog and my freelance writing career are proof that being mindful and writing things down is beneficial. I can’t recommend enough the usefulness of creating a paper planner that not only helps to organize your thoughts and life, but helps you to unlock the successful steps to achieving your goals.

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