DIY Citrus Room Spray

By Holly Sosa

As an essential oils junkie, I’m always searching and experimenting with ways I can utilize my collection of oils in my home (this DIY Creamsicle Lip Scrub is still one of my favorites). I already love to diffuse my oils in areas of my home to refresh the space and tap into their aromatherapy benefits, so I thought I’d create a room spray to help freshen up fabrics and pillows. While I love using a variety of oils to create different scents, I loved the bright and cheerful scent this DIY Citrus Room Spray added to my linens.

I started by adding some mandarin peels to a glass spray bottle.

Then I added about half a cup of vodka (the vodka helps the water and oil to mix) over the peels.

And then about half a cup of distilled water.

Lastly I added about 15 drops of lemongrass essential oil and 25 drops of wild orange essential oil.

I covered the spray bottle with the spray lid and gave it all a gentle few shakes before spraying it over my sheets and in bedrooms.

This DIY Citrus Room Spray has such a cheery scent and makes my bed feel like it’s just been washed (which I never do enough, let’s be real). The spray is also great for refreshing rugs and carpets. I love using it on my dog’s bed and even shower curtains to give it an extra few days before washing. I’m looking forward to experimenting with more scent combinations like oranges and cloves, green tea and cucumber, or lavender and lemon.

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