DIY Rainbow Highlighter Pen

By Holly Sosa

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I’ve always been a girl who loves rainbows and sparkles and unicorns. Give me all the glitter and holographs too. I was always armed for back to school with the latest Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and plenty of notebooks to match. I’ve always had an affinity for brightly colored and fun stationery supplies. I’m never one to use a simple black pen. I mean, it need some kind of design on it, right? Recently, I discovered that there was a way to turn my plain yellow highlighter into a magical rainbow highlighter pen and ever since, my highlighting work is done in the rainbow-iest of fashion, ha! This DIY Rainbow Highlighter Pen is so simple, you’ll never go back to regular highlighting again. Well, unless you’re a perfectly normal human being. But if you’re more like me, you’ll want to splash rainbow highlighter all over your things, ha!

Start by taking a yellow highlighter (the fatter tip versions work better for this).

Take a pink highlighter and press it into the side of the yellow. Do this a few times so the ink transfers over.

Next take an orange highlighter (or blu, which actually makes a full gradient rainbow) and press it into the opposite side of the yellow highlighter.

And then? Highlight all the things on all the paper, ha! It’s crazy simple and works so well. With rainbow being such a fun trend, I love this fun idea for bringing extra color to study materials, planners, and even books. Sure, some would say this is a little too much, but they’d be saying that to the girl with the Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper who doesn’t understand what tone it down even means.

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