Back to School Teacher Bouquet

By Holly Sosa

This school year is a little extra special for my family. My littlest daughter, the baby of the family, will be starting her first year of pre-kindergarten. As a work from home mom, this is exciting for me because I know I’ll have several hours of uninterrupted time to work, but it’s bittersweet because she’s my baby and I do enjoy being able to play with her at home. Despite my missing her, I know she’ll be in good hands with her teachers. In our small town, the teacher has stayed the same and has taught my two older boys; so she’s a familiar face that will help put me at ease when I drop off my littlest to her each morning. To show my appreciation for Evelyn’s new-to-her teacher, I created a fun back to school teacher bouquet to for my little preschooler to give to her teacher as she walks through the door. This fun little gift will brighten the classroom with a familiar school supply while also letting her teacher know that we appreciate the hard work she put into her classes.

To start, I grabbed a trusty mason jar. These things are perfect for just about any craft, am I right?

I also grabbed an empty plastic water bottle and trimmed the top down to the same size as the mason jar before placing it inside.

Next I lined my mason jar with little craft puffs, you know the brightly colored ones that most of us can remember creating with as kids? I was able to find these at the dollar store. Since this was for a pre-k teacher, I kept the colors as they were in bright primary shades, but this could easily be transformed into a more elegant piece by using only the silver or gold puffs.

Then I added some water to the water bottle.

And dropped in some beautiful flowers. Yellow for friendship since the year should be full of new beginnings for my littlest and her teacher.

Teachers play such an important role in my children’s lives and this year, I’m hoping I can communicate to them just how much I appreciate their work in my kiddo’s education and development. Through little gifts like this Back to School Teacher Bouquet I’m hoping my children learn to better communicate their appreciation and respect to people in their lives. I’m hoping to also bring a smile to the educators that see my children every single day.

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