Borax-Free Glitter Force Slime

By Holly Sosa

This post is sponsored by Netflix.

I could sing for you the entire introduction song to Glitter Force. Glitter power is real and is here. In fact, Glitter Force so powerful that it’s even overthrown Evelyn’s other Netflix favorites. I’m not going to pretend even for a second that I’m bothered by the glitter and makeup talk, though. I embrace all things glitter and rainbows, so this is a show I can get behind. I’ve always been the girliest of girlie and I love that my little girl seems to enjoy it as much as I did do.

I’ve been so grateful for our Netflix subscription lately. With record breaking temperatures in the high 110F, going outside is pretty much out of the question since I don’t have a pool (I live literally in the middle of the desert). Glitter Force is number one lately and since Evelyn and I can’t fight battles like our glittered friends, I thought I’d take some sparkly inspiration from our girl, Emily, and create some Glitter Force Slime to play with.


  • one bottle of glitter glue
  • baking soda
  • contact lens solution

I started with a bottle of glitter glue.

And added half a tablespoon of baking soda and gave it a good stir to incorporate it throughout the glue.

And a tablespoon and a half of contact lens solution.

I mixed it all up. The more I played and stirred, the more it became pliable. Eventually I had to remove the slime to mix it together more with my hands.

This Glitter Force Slime was so simple to make that I let Evelyn have a go at making her own. This was such a great hands on project for her to get involved with. She was so proud of her work!

And yes, it was that simple to create. In fact, I loved making the slime so much, my daughter and I made a total of four colors. We tried to make one for each of the Glitter Force gals, but we couldn’t find all of the necessary colors. Evelyn and I played with each color separately and then combined them for the ultimate glitter rainbow slime.

What are you currently watching on Netflix? Do you also have Glitter Force playing on your TV or is it another show your kids just can’t get enough of? Let’s chat Netflix in the comments below.

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