Things I Love About Dad Gift Bag

By Holly Sosa

Father’s Day is next week, friends, and I’m all about getting personal when it comes to such a meaningful holiday. My husband works hard at his blue collar job providing for our little big family. More than that, he’s a dedicated father. In our blended family, it gets hard to spend time with everyone, but he does what he can. In fact, next week he will be driving three hours to watch his oldest graduate from 8th grade into high school. He loves his children fiercely, so I wanted to make sure they took some time to think about what they love about their father. The kiddos each created an adorable Things I Love About Dad Gift Bag using a few simple supplies.

I started by giving each child a piece of construction paper and a marker, instructing them to title the paper, “Five Things I Love About Daddy,” or in Collin’s case, Cub Cub (my husband is his stepfather).

I encouraged them to think hard about some of their favorite things about him, how he makes them feel, and what they love most about him. I helped them translate their five favorites onto the paper.

When they were done, I trimmed down each paper to fit over a plain brown gift bag.

Later on, I took the kiddos down to our local dollar store and let them each choose a gift for our bag. I loved seeing how thoughtful each child was as they browsed the aisles and chose their special present.

I wrapped up their gifts with tissue paper and used gift tags to distinguish which gift was from each child before placing them all inside our special bag.

This was such a special craft that made the kids feel involved in their Father’s Day gifts. I love that it encouraged them to think about the little things their daddy does for them and translate them onto paper to express their gratitude and love, something I think is important that they carry into adulthood for their future spouses, children, and adult siblings.

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