Stationery Necessities from a Paper Addict

By Holly Sosa

This post is sponsored by Sizemore Designs.

As a self-proclaimed stationery addict and lover of paper, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of various stationery necessities. Yes, necessities. At least in my head it’s all necessary for life. Pens, pencils, all the markers, notebooks upon notebooks, and much more. I love using paper to organize my life, create, and even play. As a connoisseur of paper, I’ve developed my own list of items I believe every person should own. My top three most used items are notebooks, clipboards, and pads of paper. Today I’m sharing a little more about each of these stationery necessities and how I use them in hopes I can inspire others to utilize this, “old fashioned,” method to increase their productivity.

A notebook

A notebook is pretty self-explanatory, right? To a paper addict, a blank notebook is full of endless possibilities. If ever I’m without my trusty planner, I love to utilize notebooks as bullet journals.

A clipboard

Clipboards are so useful! I used to have a giant wall of clipboards above my office desk to utilize for important papers, inspiration, art, and anything my little heart desired.

A pad of paper

This is my most essential item. I use pads of paper daily. As a perpetual list maker, I’m constantly looking around for a pad of paper to write on. Grocery lists, recipes, party planning, to do lists, and everything else. Paper pads are a great place to brain dump and get thoughts organized.

Each of these stationery essentials in my collection are available for purchase at Sizemore Designs vis Etsy.

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