Upcycled Bird Feeder

By Holly Sosa

My kiddos love to watch the little critters we have here in our little rural desert home. Living in a small town that’s surrounded by desert, they’ve experienced a variety of animals. One of our favorite things to do is to feed the birds since we get to enjoy them all year long. While Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders continue to be a favorite around here, the kiddos love to get involved with different ways to feed their little winged friends. We enjoy repurposing old wood and household items when we can; so when it came time to purge some of my old kitchen tools, I held onto one of my old ladles until we could figure out how to reuse it. With the help of the kiddos, we dreamed up a simple little DIY Upcycled Bird Feeder using my old ladle and a piece of old weathered wood they discovered in our yard.

Using a drill, my husband made a hole in the bottom of the ladle handle for a screw to fit.

Then he secured the bottom portion of the ladle into the piece of wood using a screw.

Next he used a screw with a washer to secure the top portion of the handle, utilizing the hole that was already there to secure the top to the wood.

And lastly, he secured it to the tree using longer screws in both the top and bottom areas of the wood.

No measuring necessary, which made this project so easy. We finished it in under ten minutes with an excited Evelyn ready to fill up the ladle with bird seed.

This project is simple, fast, and easy to whip together over an afternoon. Plus, the birds really seemed to appreciate it. I’m a fan of having birds around because they like to eat bugs. And bugs are not things I like to mess around with, so birds are a friendly way to help me manage them. The kids also love watching the birds from the window and learning about how they can stand on cacti, what different colors they come in, and how they eat the bird seed. Sneaky mom, helping them learn about things.

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