NINJAGO World at LEGOLAND California

By Holly Sosa

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I was not financially compensated for this post. LEGOLAND California provided my family and I with access to their park to share our experience with you. Thank you to LEGOLAND California for partnering with me. And thank you readers for supporting the brands who support this blog and my family.

The NINJAGO show makes a regular appearance in our home. My two boys love to watch their favorite characters in ninja battles and then going off on their own pretend ninja adventures. LEGOLAND is opening a new NINJAGO World area in their park that we knew we had to check out, so we made our annual trip to the park a little early to get a sneak peek at the new interactive ride and park area.

We ended up arriving to the park over an hour early. In the rain. With three kids about to explode with excitement. I took an overabundance of park entrance photos before they were over having my camera in their faces. Thankfully, there are these play tables in front of the entrance loaded with LEGO bricks to build with and my kids had zero cares that it was raining once they saw that.

ninjago world001

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The rain slowed down and stopped completely once we got through the entrance and into NINJAGO World where these amazing Crispy Pork Sandwiches were waiting for us. My kiddos gravitated towards the climbing wall while husband and myself enjoyed the festivities before the official ride opening.

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The ride was a blast! I’ve never been on an interactive ride before and it was a treat to be able to enjoy it with my video game loving boys. It was like being inside a video game and we worked together to defeat a giant serpent. It was an experience and I loved that even our three year old could join us on the ride. They had fun photos waiting at the exit for you to view and available for purchase too, which is always fun to see. And Collin and Aiden even ended up getting interviewed by San Diego Channel 8 News, which they were both pretty pumped up about.

ninjago world007

ninjago world008

They also got to see Kai and get their picture taken with him, which Aiden was crazy excited about.

legoland california002

After the excitement of experiencing NINJAGO World, we took off to explore the rest of what LEGOLAND California had to offer. We are regular visitors, so we had some kind of idea about what we really wanted to see and we enjoyed some of our favorite sights before heading to our first ride.

ninjago world010


ninjago world011

The Fairy Tale Brook is my favorite ride in the entire park, which I know is so cheesy, but you can bring all ages and enjoy it together as an entire family. When Evelyn was just over a year it was her first ride ever and the only one we could take her on. Which was amazing considering I’d never been to a park where my littlest kiddos could enjoy any ride at all. I’m nostalgic about it and we always have to hit that ride first.

ninjago world012

ninjago world013
ninjago world014

Once my nostalgia was satisfied, they boys were practically frothing at the mouth to try the race cars and earn their licenses. This was the first year Evelyn wanted to try too! They offer two separate tracks, one for 2-5 year olds and one for 6-12 year olds. Do you see why we enjoy LEGOLAND so much? All of our kids get to participate here!

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The helicopter rides were Aiden’s favorite. He loved being in control of how high we went together.

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We enjoyed building our own custom LEGO dudes. What even are you supposed to call them? I grew up calling them LEGO dudes, my kids call them LEGO dudes. I’m satisfied with that, I suppose. Evelyn made a LEGO dudette. Check out sister child with zero cares for manners.

ninjago world026

We went on to walk through the LEGO cities and towns that are where LEGOLAND all started. Collin naturally had to pose in from of Las Vegas for his Daddy (he lives in las Vegas).

ninjago world020

The ride Collin was most excited about was the LEGO Technic Rollercoaster, which he ended up riding four times total. He somehow convinced me to join him and I maybe peed my pants a little. He thought it was the most awesome thing ever and giggled the entire time.

Next we hit up the Lost Kingdom where we enjoyed another interactive ride! We each had little guns attached to our seats and used them to fire at targets throughout the ride. My second favorite ride of the day for sure!

legoland california001

Leave it to my two boys to sniff out an XBox wherever we go. There was an entire room with several LEGO games to play.

ninjago world021

The kiddos all enjoyed the small airplane ride, but sweet little sister rode it six times. Giggling each and every time she rounded the corners and the plane lifted slightly. It was one of the only rides she could go on alone and she loved the independence.

ninjago world028

Of course no LEGOLAND trip is complete without enjoying a helping of those sugar coated apple fries, right?

ninjago world029

We skipped the Pirate Reef this year because it was a bit chilly, but that entire area is always a blast. We learned to bring our swim suits with us because it’s the best place to cool off and has tons of awesome water features and splash pad areas to play. It’s basically a small waterpark!

Our annual after-theme-park photo didn’t disappoint.

ninjago world030

LEGOLAND California is one of our favorite places to visit in Southern California. It’s also one of my most highly recommended parks for families with small children for several reasons. They have various rides that cater to smaller kiddos while also having a great variety of big kid rides too. And there are never long lines, at least never when we visit! Which makes it perfect for smaller children who lack patience and understanding when it comes to theme park line waits.

Be sure to follow the LEGOLAND California page on Facebook for the latest updates on the park and discounts and offers for tickets to your next visit!

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