Our Potty Training Station

By Holly Sosa

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Potty training my two boys was nightmarish. You guys, there were times I literally broke down in sobs in their bathroom after cleaning off poop from their legs and showering them for the fourth time that day. So many pair of chonies were just tossed into the trash after being totally ruined by poop accidents. Literally, my boys would poo their pants and continue with their day. Potty training gangsters. Zero cares.

When it came time to potty train my little girl, I prepared myself mentally for the next several months of what was sure to be more tossed chonies, and several showers daily. Only sister was ready to potty train and excited about using the toilet on her own. To encourage her, I put together a little potty training station to help her with going and giving her access to everything she’d need while on the toilet to help her learn potty independence. And you guys, it’s worked! It’s worked and I’ve only thrown out one pair of undies.

Inside the potty training station, I included some training pants and extra undies. During our beginning stages of potty training, she would wet her pants a little and realize she had to pee. Since she is my independent diva, she would have a meltdown if I tried to change her panties for her. Adding them to the station helped her feel secure in changing them herself.

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A lovey toy was necessary because sister child said so. So it was added.

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A box of Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes (which does not stay in the training station, but is a part of our potty training routine so I wanted to share) is on hand for a daily supplement to help her maintain her digestive balance. With my older boys, potty training was rough on their systems; whether it be from the stress or the holding it in, or whatever the case. With my daughter I wanted to ensure her gut stayed healthy; especially while she made this transition. Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes contains electrolytes to provide vital minerals and nutrients to help support hydration.*

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It’s the only pediatric product that combines a probiotic and electrolytes in one convenient packet. It comes in a yummy, berry tasting, dissolving powder and contains no artificial flavors, artificial dyes, or parabens and is gluten free. Little Remedies is a brand I am confident I can trust. I’ve used their other products, like Gas Relief Drops and Gripe Water in the past. You can find Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes in the digestive aisle at your local Target.

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I also included a couple of her favorite books for poo time. The hardest part for me while potty training all my kiddos was keeping them on the potty until they completed their number twos. The books keep her occupied while she does her thing.

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Flushable wet wipes are the swiss army knife of potty training. You can wipe down kiddo, wipe down the seat, wipe down the entire bathroom! And they flush right on down. It’s basically bathroom magic.

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All children are different and I don’t expect my experience will be everyone else’s, but after potty training three kiddos, I sort of feel like I’ve got a duty to pass on all I’ve learned in the poo-lined trenches of potty training. This potty training station has made things transition much easier with my daughter and given her a sense of control and independence when it came to her learning how to use the toilet. Hopefully our station will inspire you to create yours or help you when it comes time for you to walk the potty training plank, ha!

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For more information on Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes and creative tutorials like this one that feature the new product, be sure to visit the Little Remedies social hub. And don’t forget to get your $5 Target Gift Card offer starting 4/24 and runs through 5/14!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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