Thoughts on the Hourly ECLP

By Holly Sosa

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We all know this by now, right friends? I have a serious problem. A planner addiction. And while each year I start with the best intentions of buying one planner and sticking with that one throughout the year, Erin Condren goes and releases a new kind of planner and my brain tells me I must have it. Thankfully, I have this blog as an excuse to purchase and use a new planner every few months, right? RIGHT? Well, that’s the excuse I’m going with anyway, ha!

The new hourly ECLP was intriguing to me because while I love my tri-box planner, marking down events was a little bit of a struggle. My system was to use the top box for appointments or events, but then I would struggle with outlining my day and tasks. I thought this hourly would be a good solution and of course, a fun switch to decorate!

hourly eclp3

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I’ve been using the hourly version for about a month now and I’m pretty sure I’ll never go back. I love being able to schedule times and set appointments, but still having room for my checklists and decorations (ha!).


  • lined
  • lots of space for lists
  • monthly and weekly spreads
  • all of the benefits of the tri-box
  • hourly time slots


  • less note paper in back
  • note paper is formatted oddly

hourly eclp7

hourly eclp8

hourly eclp9

hourly eclp10

I’m really pleased with the hourly version and think this will be my top choice for next year’s planner. My biggest (and really only) problem with this version is that the notebook pages are formatted oddly. I’d prefer blank or lined paper to use for my own purposes. The notebook paper in the hourly is formatted with several asterisks and lines of solid color and then three lines underneath that. But that’s really minimal and can easily be swapped out with notebook paper by uncoiling or simply by gluing blank paper over the paper already inside.

Use this referral link and get $10 off your first purchase at The planners are currently 40% off, so combine that with my referral link and you’re getting an amazing deal!

Of the three options offered on the Erin Condren website, this is my favorite option. It’s been helpful for me in outlining my day and mapping out appointments, events, while still allowing me space to write my beloved to do lists. The hourly version would also be a great option for someone who fills appointments daily like a stylist, a counselor, a receptionist, or even a student.

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