Paper Crafted Corner Bookmark

By Holly Sosa

paper crafted corner bookmark21

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As much as I deeply appreciate a worn and torn book, I equally dislike folded corners or doggy eared pages. Mostly because for me they’re a paper cut trap. Currently, I’m reading three books and that’s two more than I have bookmarks, so I took to my paper stash to craft my own Paper Crafted Corner Bookmark to solve my little problem. If you’re a fellow paper lover, this simple craft will delight you!


paper crafted corner bookmark1

To start, you’ll need a square piece of paper. Mine is four inches by four inches and I trimmed it using a paper trimmer, but you can just as easily use scissors.

paper crafted corner bookmark2

paper crafted corner bookmark3

Lay it patterned side down and fold it in half, diagonally.

paper crafted corner bookmark5

Next, fold the tip down.

paper crafted corner bookmark6

And bring the two flaps up.

paper crafted corner bookmark7

paper crafted corner bookmark8

And simply tuck them into the little pouch.

paper crafted corner bookmark9

Flip it over and it looks like this.

paper crafted corner bookmark11

From here, you can add additional elements or glitter or whatever your creative heart desires! These printable fox ones from By Wilma are especially darling. I’ve also seen versions of these where people transform them into sweet little monsters or animals by adding some eyes or teeth. Personally, I love keeping it simple and using a pretty piece of scrapbook paper.

You can leave the bookmark as is, or if you’d like to trim off the additional flap, you can do that as well. I’ve found that trimming the flap off does keep it more sturdy and able to withstand more wear and tear.

paper crafted corner bookmark12

paper crafted corner bookmark13

paper crafted corner bookmark14

These also work great as page flags when you want to easily reference a certain page. For me, these are great for Bible study meetings when I have something I want to share and need to reference a page read earlier in the week.

paper crafted corner bookmark18

paper crafted corner bookmark19

paper crafted corner bookmark15

paper crafted corner bookmark16

paper crafted corner bookmark20

paper crafted corner bookmark22

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