Paperclip Bookmarks, a Stationery Lovers Craft!

By Holly Sosa

paperclip bookmarks10

I’m a stationery addict. Which means I have a hard time resisting fun pens, pretty sticky notes, or a lovely bookmark. I’ve been known to collect adorable little paperclip bookmarks from small Etsy shops just because you never know when you’ll need a great looking paperclip, ha! Really, I know I can be ridiculous sometimes, but we’ve all got our thing. Planners and stationery is mine. And around here, planner posts are some of my most popular posts, which tells me that many of you share my nerdy affliction.

During a recent trip to my local craft store, I found several adorable little doodads. My daughter begged me for the, “flowahs,” and so I spent the two dollars to avoid the three year old induced meltdown that was bubbling under the no-nap-and-now-it’s-too-late-to-try surface. They were forgotten about and stuck in m desk for several days when I had the fun idea to turn them into bookmarks for my planner and Bible study journal. Such a simple craft for a stationery lover like myself!


  • paperclips
  • doodads
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • scrap paper

To start, I chose a few of my favorite doodads. Doodads is my technical term for buttons, plastic art pieces, or paper crafts.

Using scissors, I trimmed a piece of scrap paper to a rough circle shape.

paperclip bookmarks1

Next, I used my hot glue gun to secure the doodad to the paperclip and the scrap paper.

paperclip bookmarks3

And next I secured my doodad to the top of the paperclip, sandwiching the glue between the scrap paper and flower.

paperclip bookmarks4

paperclip bookmarks5

Is that even a real tutorial? There aren’t even any steps to this because it’s really just so easy! But I’m excited about it and wanted to share it with you guys because you understand me. And because I think you’ll be excited about it too!

paperclip bookmarks6

paperclip bookmarks7

paperclip bookmarks8

paperclip bookmarks9

paperclip bookmarks11

These are so easy to make and small enough to transport in a small zipper pouch, The fit right inside my Erin Condren Life Planner pouch and tuck away neatly in the top of my Bible cover for me to take to my weekly study meetings. The possibilities are endless! I found several fun Disney themed doodads while I was out and a quick Amazon search turned up these awesome Harry Potter ones. Personalize your stationery to your little heart’s content, friends. It’s too much fun. I feel a little like the sponge lady over these, but it’s cool. I’m happy to let my geek show.

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