Tips for Soothing a Teething Baby

By Holly Sosa

Tips for Soothing a Teething Baby2221

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Teething can be nightmarish. I know this because my two year old is currently cutting three molars at once. Between her general irritated mood and extra neediness, even I’m feeling the pain. Thankfully, this ain’t my first rodeo and I’m prepared with several soothing solutions to help her cope with her pain. These tips for soothing a teething baby (and toddler!) have worked for me time and again when treating my child during new tooth growth.

1. Reference a handy chart like this one from Baby Center to help predict when your child will be cutting a new tooth.

2. Be prepared with Infants’ Advil® from Walgreens to help ease baby’s pain (and that pesky teething fever!). Ensuring you have it on hand, especially during times the above referenced chart advises, can help baby (and mom!) cope with new teeth. No one wants to see their little one in pain, and Infants’ Advil® helps your baby get back to the important things – you know, like ripping all their clothes out of the dresser and then taking of their poopy diaper on top of said clean clothes (not that I know for experience or anything!). Infants’ Advil® is available for infants ages 6 to 23 months old in a non- staining, Dye-Free White Grape liquid. The concentrated Drops are alcohol-free and come equipped with a syringe for easy dosing. Infants’ Advil® contains ibuprofen, the medicine pediatricians use most for their own kids’ fevers, and offers parents a simple, effective solution to relieve their babies’ pain with up to 8- hours of relief in just one dose.

Tips for Soothing a Teething Baby2222

Tips for Soothing a Teething Baby2223

Use this coupon for $1.50 off your purchase of Infants’ Advil at your local Walgreens.

3. Give your baby a quick gum massage (with cleaned hands, of course!). It feels soothing on gums and can help with the tissue breakdown.

4. Try cold foods or a cold teething ring. With my own daughter, I froze a twisted up washcloth for her to gnaw on. She loved the cool fabric on her gums! She also loves chilled watermelon that I ball up and store in the fridge. When she’s in need of a way to soothe her sore gums, I pop a small bowl in the freezer for five minutes before giving it to her.

tips for soothing a teething baby3

5. Try a baltic amber teething necklace. While not a cure, these nifty necklaces are said to have healing properties that help with inflammation and pain. My daughter has worn one since she cut her first tooth.

tips for soothing a teething baby4

I’ve seen three children through new teeth and these simple methods were effective when it came to keeping them comfortable and happier babies. That doesn’t mean all of these tips will work for you, but try out one or two with your child the next time they’re cutting a new tooth to see what works for him/her.

I’ve shared my teething truths with you. Ready to try out Infants’ Advil for your little one? Check out this coupon and save!

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