Indoor Picnic, a Desert Summer Activity

By Holly Sosa

indoor picnic1

Desert summers are hot and miserable. The kids don’t play outside for long because of the blistering heat; so I try to create indoor activities that keep them boredom free. This is the first summer I’ve actively scheduled something for everyday and it’s made such a difference. While there is still some lounging around and the occasional TV marathon, the activities have kept them engaged, give them something to look forward to, and keep them busy while I go about my house work.

Yesterday, we decided to have an impromptu indoor picnic for lunch. After a long afternoon of watercoloring some paper bag jellyfish (the evidence of which is all over Evelyn’s little legs), the older girls set up our Ooh Baby Infinity blanket in the living room and we opened the curtains to let in the outside light. I made some finger sandwiches while the girls gathered some pillows. It was a lovely little afternoon picnic inside the protection of our home; out of the desert sun. This summer, I’ve been trying to keep things active and engaging; switching up routine and opting to make lasting memories with the kids. This indoor picnic was a creative way to turn lunch into an activity that they all enjoyed.

indoor picnic2

indoor picnic3

If you live close to a beach, move your picnic there. These beach blankets and beach bags from Ooh Baby Infinity are lightweight and easy to pack in your car. They also have waterproof backing, which makes them ideal for picnics and beach visits. They have a wide variety of prints to fit your personality (you all know how I feel about color). I chose a sailboat print for our blanket that feels like summer to be with the red, white, and blue. Support a handmade business this summer and arm yourself with a picnic blanket from Ooh Baby Infinity to break up the routine.

How do you keep things fresh during summer break? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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