Spice Cabinet Organization: Ideas, Tips, & Tricks from an Organization Junkie!

By Holly Sosa

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I am a self-confessed control-freak-slash-clean-freak-slash-organize-all-the-things-obsessed-freak. Given that, it should come as a surprise that since moving into this house 2.5 years ago, I have yet to organize much of anything; especially areas in my kitchen. Rather than overwhelm myself with taking on the entire kitchen at once, I took small bites. Which seems to have become my 2015 battle cry: small bites to achieve big goals, guys! This week, I scrawled spice cabinet organization in big orange letters in my planner. And on Tuesday we took a $40 trip to Target to chew on this small bite towards organizing our kitchen. Here are my results along with several clever spice cabinet organization ideas for your own project.


  • three (half gallon) mason jars for flour, sugar, and powdered sugar (I may go purchase a fourth for my brown sugar)
  • one spice shelf (similar)
  • one wire cabinet shelf (similar)
  • one wire basket (found at the Target Dollar Spot)

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The first step I took was to completely empty out the cabinet, spray it down with cleaner, and wipe it out. Next, I went through each item looking for expiration dates and discarding expired ones or spices we haven’t used in over a year (poultry seasoning that we bought and have used not a single time) and seasonings or spices we bought to try and ended up disliking. After the purge, I was left with a much more manageable and practical amount.

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Next, I decorated my mason jar lids with some lovely floral paper. To recreate this for your mason jars, simply trace the lids on your desire patterned paper and cut out. I used super glue to secure the paper to the lid and then the lid to the rim since I knew these jars would be used exclusively for storing my sugar, flour, and powdered sugar.

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While my lids were drying, I assembled my wire cabinet shelf and placed it inside my cabinet on the top shelf. Underneath the wire shelf, I stored my extra sugar, flour, powdered sugar, and brown sugar. On the top, I stored additional baking items like cornstarch, food coloring, and more. Lastly, off to the open side, I stored my oils and vinegars.

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On my bottom cabinet shelf, I installed my spice shelf and organized them by most frequently used in the front and less used in the back. I also stored my extra salt and pepper on the far back of the spice shelf since I only use them when it’s time for a refill of my shakers. I scored a wire self for $3 in the Target Dollar Spot that works perfectly with seasoning packets, dip mix, and more. I organized my packets neatly inside the basket and placed it next to the spice shelf. In front of that, I placed my salt and pepper shakers for easy access.

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My end result was a gloriously organized cabinet that makes my heart sing every time I open it. Everything has a place and purpose, which is just what my self-confessed control-freak-slash-clean-freak-slash-organize-all-the-things-obsessed-freak heart desires.

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