New Music: Seven Songs to Sooth Your Soul this Autumn.

By pcsanchez7505

The past few weeks have provided folk/indie music fans with a cornucopia of new music to dive into. From Swedish songwriter The Tallest Man on Earth to Echo Park local Bedouine and even classic country veteran Willie Nelson, there is plenty to choose from.

For a soothing introduction to these releases, here are seven songs perfect for the season change. Many of these artists have upcoming or recently released bodies of work in addition to the featured single, so make sure to check them out as well.

“Come Down In Time” by Bedouine:
Following her folksy debut last year, Bedouine’s stripped down cover of Elton John’s “Come Down in Time” is a slow, thoughtful rendition that is easy to listen to and perfect for winding down on a chilly autumn night. Pair it with a cozy blanket, a cup of something hot and delicious to drink and possibly someone special for an extra relaxing listening experience.

“Woman” by Cat Power:
Off her recently released album, ‘Wanderer, ‘ Cat Power teams up with Lana Del Rey in her song “Woman.” The two singers haunting vocals compliment each other well, and a slowly building melody driven by sparse drums and a prominent guitar riff add to the song’s overall mystique. By the end of the song, the melody is filled with lush sounds and echoing vocals that complete its lovely crescendo. It’s a strong single in an album full of equally great songs.

“Wrong Side” by Noah Gundersen:
Partnering with friends and local Pacific Northwest band Sisters, Noah Gundersen’s latest single, “Wrong Side” is a smooth, yet aching number about love, relationships and heartache. Like a sepia toned photo slowly fading and already torn, the song calls upon memories hard to hold onto and a little painful to recollect. Its sound is typical of the Americana that permeates from the rain and pines of the PNW, a sound that is pensive, wandering and atmospheric.

“Vote ‘Em Out” by Willie Nelson:
If I know one thing in life it’s this; trust Willie Nelson. Always. Nelson’s latest single is the politically charged “Vote ‘Em Out” written in support of Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke who is challenging current Texas Senator, Republican Ted Cruz in the upcoming election. Although Nelson has never been shy about his stance on humanity (and cannabis), it came as a surprise to Texan fans of the singer, who were upset with Nelson’s choice to perform at a rally concert for O’Rourke. To be sure his views, especially on this current administration, are never misconstrued again, Nelson debuted “Vote ‘Em Out” at the rally and has just released the studio version.

“I’ve Wanted You” by First Aid Kit:
Earlier this year, First Aid Kit released their latest LP, ‘Ruins,’ an introspective and deeply contemplative album. Following ‘Ruins,’ First Aid Kit offers us a sweet follow up EP filled with tunes for the kindred spirit. It still has the depth and musings of their full length album, but with softer edges. “I’ve Wanted You” is the chill inducing opener that gives way to a beautiful kaleidoscope of ethereal vocals and gentle guitar strumming representative of the band’s growth and the four-song EP, ‘Tender Offerings,’ a rather fitting description for the band on a whole.

“Then I Won’t Sing No More” by The Tallest Man on Earth:
The last installation in The Tallest Man on Earth’s (AKA Kristian Matsson) five-piece series was released last month closing the singer’s multi-media project, When the Bird Sees the Solid Ground. His project on a whole is a sonic and visual accomplishment that breaks the mold of traditional album release cycles while also allowing Matsson to explore different mediums including photography and film-making. “Then I Won’t Sing No More” is the perfect conclusion of an exploration into the self. Listening to it is like partaking in a spiritual departure without the tethers of religious rigidity, and it of course has all the elements that makes Matsson a wonderful songwriter. rooted in Matsson’s personal experiences, the song’s sparse, humble sound melts into your soul, healing any pain or indecision. The video component of the song includes commentary from Matsson and a rendition of his previously recorded song, “To Just Grow Away.”

“The River” by KT Tunstall:
Following her 2016 album, “Kin,’ singer/songwriter KT Tunstall’s latest full-length release, ‘Wax,’ is a continuation of Tunstall’s exploration of one’s spirit, body and mind. In an NPR interview with Tunstall, the singer reveals her intentions of the album, a collection of songs carefully curated to explore themes of the body. “The River” is a steady-tempoed anthem that is an accurate reflection of the entire album. The visually captivating music video for “The River” expresses even more, an intrigue with our body’s capacity and many capabilities to express creativity through movement.

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